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Xu Xiyan felt stupid, falling into despair as people continued to bid for the violin. She was all worn out, scarcely having the energy to breath.

In the end, the one who won the bid with 3 billion was none other than Xue Zhengrong. It was a gift for his daughter, Xue Yating.

The violin now belonged to Xue Yating, who glowed, kissing her father on the cheek.

All Xu Xiyan could do was stare at the Xues. They paid 3 billion for the violin, and there was nothing that she could do to make them hand it over.

After the auction had ended, Xu Xiyan dragged herself out of Hongye Auction House with a heavy heart. Even breathing was hard for her at that moment. She tried to wipe off her tears, yet they wouldn’t stop.

I’m sorry mum… I lost your favorite violin… I’m so sorry…

She wondered how long would it take for her to earn 3 billion Yuan.

She wiped her tears and swore to God that she would work harder, as hard as she could, to earn more money.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Stage Manager Xing was calling to ask if she was free later that evening, as there were a few scenes for which they could use her as a double.

“Yeah, I’ve got nothing to do later, Mr. Xing. I’ll be there.”

This was evidence that the production team was satisfied with Xu Xiyan’s performance, since they wanted her to play a double again. She instantly accepted the job and rushed to the eastern suburb of Peijing.

Xu Xiyan hurried to the shooting scene for “The Root of Evil” and met up with Mr. Xing. After getting all the information, she went to change her clothes. Then she went to work with her performance.

In the first scene, the heroine would be chasing the second male lead through the forest. The scene included a high-risk fight with the second male lead, Ma Haodong, so the lead actress didn’t want to play the scene herself, so the crew called in a double.

They started shooting, and Xu Xiyan began to pursue Ma Haodong until they reached the forest where the fight began.

Because the director wanted the scene to feel as real as possible, light punches or flops wouldn’t be enough.

The forest scene, itself, was shot more than 4 times, with Xu Xiyan receiving many punches, and Ma Haodong falling more than 10 times.

Ma Haodong wasn’t able to control the force of his punches, since he wasn’t used to hitting a girl.

“Can you stand?” asked Ma Haodong. He felt embarrassed for hitting a girl so much, and outstretched his hand, offering Xu Xiyan his assistance.

“I’m fine, thanks.”

Xu Xiyan gritted her teeth and stood up. She adjusted her pace and turned to face Ma Haodong. “Again!”

Ma Haodong was impressed by Xu Xiyan’s passion and discipline as a stunt double. As soon as they heard the whistle, they began to fight each other again.

The whole evening was filled with screams and punches as they sprinted and rolled on the ground.

When they’d finished shooting, Xu Xiyan stayed and ate the fast food that had bee

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