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So that’s the reason why Miss Yim never replied to me. Her ID was hacked.

As he saw Miss Yim’s active status go from grey to green, Huo Yunshen began to cheer deep in his heart.


He was finally able to contact the person who had pulled him back from darkness, the person who had encouraged him and cared for him.

Huo Yunshen smiled as he quickly composed a reply message.

[Miss Yim! Thank god that you’ve finally replied to my message. I’m actually doing quite well right now. I have my own business and hobbies now, and I’ve finally found the girl I was looking for! My life is filled with excitement. I want to express my gratitude to you again for the encouragements and help that you’ve given me when I’ve needed it the most. Thank you.]

After a few moments, Miss Yim replied:

[Congratulations! I will always pray for you. You’ll definitely get better. Keep on fighting, Wing!]

[Thank you! ?]

As soon as he put down his phone, Huo Yunshen’s heart fluttered. He was finally able to get in touch with Miss Yim. It would definitely be better than going through all of this alone. He had finally found a friend who would accompany him through the journey.

In that instance, Huo Yunshen thought of meeting Miss Yim, face-to-face. He prayed to God to allow him to meet the one person who had been a mentor and a friend to him.

Huo Yunshen thought to himself, If one day I’m able to walk again, I’ll definitely want to meet her!

In Fang Xiaocheng’s study room, Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao were preparing for their first livestream since they’d returned home.

Ying Bao wore a cherry red dress and a cherry hairpin. The hairpin was a gift from Fang Xiaocheng. The cute little girl sat in front of the camera, her beautiful dark eyes looking up and down.

Fans started to join the live streaming. Pew…Pew… A few hardcore fans began to send voice messages and gifts.

[Voice Message: Cherry, oh Cherry. Where have you been? I’ve missed you so much.]

[Gift: Shishui Liunian has sent you 60 Flowers.]

[Voice Message: Where have you been, my little Cherry? It’s been so long!]

[Message: Cherry, what are you going to perform today?]

[Voice Message: Oh my cute little Cherry, will you sing this big sister a song?]

[Gift: Zhexian Langman Du has sent you a Barbie Doll.]

[Gift: Be Chunqing Xiao Nvzi has sent you a Chocolate.]

[Voice Message: Hi Cherry, were you serious when you said you were returning to Zstan? Which city will you be living in? This auntie will bring you some tasty treats when she visits you.]

From the moment the live streaming started, messages and gifts kept coming in.

After listening to all the voice messages, Ying Bao turned off the voice function. She picked up the cartoon microphone and turned toward the audience.

The cute little girl was a master of posing. She faced the camera and straightened herself up before greeting the audience.

“Hello. It’s me, the lit

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