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Ma Haodong would’ve never imagined that the masculine-sounding username “Gongzi Yaoye” belonged to Xu Xiyan.

“I’m not really a pro. I’ve been using this account to try to show off, but I’m actually kind of a noob.”

Xu Xiyan was telling the truth, but Ma Haodong was already treating her like she was his idol. “Come on, let’s team up! Carry me please!”

Xu Xiyan invited “Dongxie Xidu” to join the faction created by her senior. They happily spent the next hour playing the game. They were both passionate about the game and quickly became good friends.

When the game was over, Ma Haodong was still eager for more. “It’s great to team up with a pro, Jing Xi. Let’s play together again sometime!”

“All right!” Xu Xiyan promised cheerfully.

After that, Xu Xiyan resumed filming the remaining stunt scenes. When she was done, it was already 10 PM.

Xu Xiyan went to Mr. Xing and received 2,000 Yuan for the day’s work. She then left the set, feeling very exhausted.

The set was pretty far from the nearest bus station. She had come in a taxi, but now that she had to leave, she had to walk to the station.

The road was dark, and the two lonely street lamps along the road weren’t enough to keep the darkness at bay.

Upon completing her first stunt double gig when she’d returned from abroad, she had heard from Fang Xiaocheng that there had been several murder cases in the eastern suburbs. Most of the victims had been young women, including up-and-coming actresses.

They had all been robbed, raped and murdered.

The night wind blew. Xu Xiyan wrapped her arms around herself. Just thinking about the terrible news that Fang Xiaocheng had told her sent a chill down her spine.

As she followed the puddles of light on the ground, she imagined that the swaying tree shadows were vicious stalkers, and this freaked her out. She tightened her clutch on her handbag and broke into a terrified run.

When she turned the corner, two men jumped out in front of her. They stood in the middle of the road, blocking her way.

Xu Xiyan’s heart leapt into her throat. Oh god, I jinxed myself. Please don’t tell me these men are robbers!

Their faces were half covered by masks; only their eyes were visible. They were armed with long knives, and looked like professionals.

Xu Xiyan gulped.

Don’t panic…remember uncle Jing Zhannan, the leader of the 1st squadron of the famous JS Mercenary Group.

In the past few years, when she had been living in Estan, Xu Xiyan had spent a lot of time with the mercenary group and picked up some combat skills from her uncle Jing Zhannan. She was a professional stunt double, and could beat up these lowly thugs any day.

“Hand over the money!” One of the men waved the knife in his hand.

“I don’t have money,” Xu Xiyan said.

The robber did not believe her. “Are you taking us for fools? You have over 100,000 Yuan in your bag.”



Xu Xiyan was puzzled. How did they know that sh

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