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Xu Xiyan was silent for a moment, then she sighed.

“I’m also troubled by this. But Ying Bao is my daughter and no matter what the circumstances, I have a responsibility to protect her from harm.”

Having said that, she considered the paparazzi of the entertainment circle, how well she knew that they were insatiable. How could she possibly keep them from finding out about Ying Bao?

Fang Xiaocheng had come up with an idea.

“Yanyan, I think I actually might have a way to solve this problem regarding Ying Bao.”

“Go on.”

“Just tell them that Ying Bao is your niece. When you’re busy filming, you can put Ying Bao at my place. I’m not that busy with my flower shop business. anyway,” she admitted.

“Oh, Orange, that’s a great idea! You’ve thought it all out! How considerate of you! If you were a man, I would marry you in a heartbeat.”

Xu Xiyan was so moved that she gave Fang Xiaocheng a hug. She was such a kind and caring friend. She was glad to have a friend as loyal as Fang Xiaocheng in her life.

Fang Xiaocheng smiled and patted her back, laughing. “I would marry you too, but I’m afraid Da Zhi wouldn’t approve.”

Ying Bao had overheard the conversation of the two adults. She understood her mother’s difficulties and wanted to prove that she was not a burden to her mother. She said to Fang Xiaocheng:

“Auntie Orange, Baby is trying to make money every day. Lots and lots of money so I can buy a big beautiful house for Xi Baby, and beautiful clothes for Xi Baby, and a caring and handsome hushband for Xi Baby…”

“What’s a hushband?” asked Fang Xiaocheng.

“Isn’t Xi Baby’s hushband my daddy? Oh, Auntie Orange, how could you not figure that out!? Maybe you’re not so bright after all!” Ying Bao shook his head.

Fang Xiaocheng: “…”

Uh…was I just patronized by a four-year-old kid?

Ying Bao continued to fantasize about her dream future.

“I also want to buy a big castle for Xi Baby so she can become a princess…and Baby wants to make Xi Baby the happiest mommy in the world…”



Fang Xiaocheng had no idea what to say. Is it that easy for a single mother to get happiness?

It was not that Fang Xiaocheng was being unsympathetic. Realistically speaking, it wouldn’t be easy for Xu Xiyan to find another man to marry, as long she had a child to take care of. Who would want to be a stepfather?

But Xu Xiyan had never seen Ying Bao as a burden, and she loved her. If her daughter hadn’t come into her life, how much happiness would she have missed out on for all these years?

Besides, Ying Bao was more mature than other children of her age. Ying Bao would never let her worry and, wherever she went, she would still feel the warmth of the little one.

With Fang Xiaocheng’s help in caring for Ying Bao, Xu Xiyan could relax a little, relieved to have the support.

The next morning, Xu Xiyan decided to go redeem her mother’s violin from the pawn shop.

Five years ago, in order t

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