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Xu Xiyan couldn’t wait any longer. She went to the registration desk and asked about the problem, yet the staff wasn’t really sure what was going on. They told her to wait, promising to help her after the auditions had ended.

And so Xu Xiyan waited.

When the auditions were finished, she returned to seek help, only this time they told her to go home, that the audition had finished.

What just happened?

Why hadn’t they called her number, 222?

She was eliminated without even having the chance to participate. What kind of logic was that?

Didn’t they say that this would be a nationwide, mass-audition? That it would be the fairest and the most transparent process around?

Xu Xiyan was incredibly discouraged, and confused about why she had been eliminated, but everything became clear when Xu Xinrou came to mind.

Could it be that Xu Xinrou meddled behind the scenes?

Did she fake kindness, pretending to want to help, then ask the person in charge to take me off the list? That’s the only answer!

The Xu Xinrou she knew wouldn’t even take a chance with having to tolerate Xu Xiyan succeeding in showbiz, stealing all her resources.

Xu Xiyan was terribly unsatisfied. She had spent so long preparing for this day, and she had waited for hours, only to be eliminated without explanation.

With her unsatisfied heart, she chased after the crew outside the building and kept pressuring them.

“Come on, man. Just give me one chance. Let me see the person in charge, will you?”

“I can’t help you,” said one of the crew members, shaking her off. “The audition has ended. Just wait for another audition!”

“See?” he continued, pointing toward a van that was about to pull away. “The director and producer are leaving.”

Xu Xiyan noticed that the black van’s tires had begun to turn. The van was leaving its parking spot.

The only thing that was on Xu Xiyan’s mind at that moment was that she had to meet with the person in charge. Without hesitation, she ran towards the van. Too late. The van was already pulling out of the parking lot.

Xu Xiyan found an electric scooter owned by some pizza delivery guy. She grabbed the handles of the bike and sped after the van.

The van ran smoothly on the road, while behind it, the electric scooter barely had enough horsepower to keep up.

Xu Xiyan turned the throttle as far as it could go, and finally caught up with the van as it approached a corner, and without any hesitation, Xu Xiyan jumped off the bike and landed on the van’s roof.

She laid as flat as she could and gripped tightly on the van’s roof to prevent her from falling off.

Hearing the loud bang on the roof, the van’s driver made a quick turn and stopped abruptly.

Xu Xiyan was thrown off the roof, her face scratching the windshield as she fell.

The driver jumped out of his seat when he saw Xu Xiyan come flying from above.

“Di-Di-Director…I think I just hit someone!”


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