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Xu Xiyan cleared her throat and said, “Everything went well. I passed. The shooting will begin next Wednesday,”

“Oh. Congratulations!” said Fang Xiaocheng. “I knew you could it.”

Xu Xiyan remembered that somehow, she would have to tell Fang Xiaocheng about her personal assistant job for Huo Shenyun, but she was reluctant to tell her the details. So she kept it vague.

“Oh, right. I’ve found myself a new place to live. We’ll be moving in two days.”

“Why so urgent? Since you’re already back, just stay a little longer. Of course, I want to play with little Cherry for a little while longer too.”

Fang Xiaocheng pinched Ying Bao’s chubby cheek. She didn’t want them to leave so soon.

“Aren’t you dating Dazhi? Won’t we be a bother if we stay here?”

In truth, Xu Xiyan already had everything planned out. She’d move into one of Huo Yunshen’s houses, herself. She couldn’t let him meet Ying Bao yet, so she’d be sending Ying Bao to live with her great-grandfather.

“It’s fine. I’ll just tell Dazhi to buzz off, no biggie.”

Xu Xiyan was really touched by Fang Xioacheng’s gesture, yet she understood that Huo Yunshen would not let her go if she didn’t move in as soon as possible. And so, she kept the lie alive.

“I know. But I’ve already found a place and paid the rent. It’ll be a waste if I don’t go. We can still meet up and see each other, even once I’ve moved there, you know?”

Fang Xiaocheng knew Xu Xiyan well enough to understand that she didn’t like to owe people anything. Thus, she gave up on persuading her.

“Fine. Fine. Go pack your stuff, but Ying Bao stays with me. You can come back for her once you’ve settled everything over there.”

This actually might not be that bad, thought Xu Xiyan. Ying Bao is quite fond of Fang Xiaocheng, she has gotten used to her by now. Fang Xiaocheng also likes her a lot, and she’s willing to take care of her for me for the time being. Perfect!

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Xu Xiyan stood up and went to answer.It was Fang Xiaocheng’s boyfriend, Wang Dazhi.

The same old Wang Dazhi. Your typical I.T. guy. It was not long ago that he had opened a small network company with his friend.

He and Fang Xiaocheng had met in their university days. They’d been dating for over seven years, and their relationship was still quite strong.

Wang Dazhi was drenched, panting outside the door. When he saw that it was Xu Xiyan who opened the door, he smiled.

“Hi Xu Xiyan. Is Chengcheng in?”

“Of course, Mr. Wang,” replied Xu Xiyan jokingly.

“Stop it with the honorifics. Just call me Dazhi like you used to,” said Wang Dazhi as he scratched the back of his head.

“Hahahaha, sure thing. What’s with the sweat? Hurry up and come in.” Xu Xiyan pulled open the door and let him in.

As soon as Wang Dazhi went into the house, he quickly ran to Fang Xiaocheng’s side like a loyal dog.

“Chengcheng, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

As soon as he had gotten

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