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Huo Yunshen was in a wheelchair, and his disability led to some sexual dysfunction. He would never do anything to her.

And though he was both an award-winning actor and CEO, he didn’t act like it.His concern was more like that of a worried friend, like how Fang Xiaocheng would worry about her.

Xu Xiyan could only feel secure and comfortable when staying with a sincere guy like Huo Yunshen.

When she said that Huo Yunshen was not the kind of guy who would drug her, he felt happy. This meant that Xu Xiyan was finally starting to trust him.

Huo Yunshen felt incredibly pleased.

“Of course I’m not. But you still have to be careful when you’re outside with other people,” he added.

“Fine, fine. I will.” Xu Xiyan nodded.

Huo Yunshen brought out a medical kit as Xu Xiyan finished her milk. He took out medicine for bruises and wheeled himself to Xu Xiyan’s side.

“Come. Here’s some medicine, give me your arm.”

“It’s fine, I’ll do it myself.”

Applying medicine meant having some skin contact. Other than that, she wouldn’t dare let her prince charming do it himself.

“What are you afraid of?”

Huo Yunshen raised his head and looked at her with his cool, dark eyes. It was like he was silently questioning her, why are you still afraid of me?

“No, it’s just…” Xu Xiyan stammered.

Without giving her any time to decline, Huo Yunshen grabbed her arm and started to apply the medicine.

“…” Xu Xiyan stared at Huo Yunshen as he went about his work. An unexplainable affection began to rise in her heart.

For all those years, no one had actually cared about her except for Ying Bao and her uncles.

And now the guy she had sex with once five years ago was treating her with unconditional care and love.

Oh, how am I supposed to repay him for his kindness?

After Huo Yunshen had applied the medicine for Xu Xiyan, he took her wallet and counted the money inside.

“There’s 132,000 in here. Leave the cash with me, I’ll transfer the money to your bank from my phone.”

“Sure thing! Thanks a lot!”

Huo Yunshen didn’t reply, but deep down in his heart, he thought, don’t worry about it. For you, I’m willing to do anything!”

Xu Xiyan took out her bank card and showed Huo Yunshen her account name and account number.

As soon as Huo Yunshen noticed that the name on the card was Jing Xi, he couldn’t control his curiosity.

“Jing Xi?” he asked. “Did you change your name?”

“Yup. That’s my stage name,” she explained. “You should call me by this name from now on. I quite like the sound of it.” The reason for her to adopt a stage name was not that it sounded good, but because she didn’t want to have anything to do with the Xu family.

Huo Yunshen lips formed a smile, his charming eyes shining brightly. “Jing Xi, Jing Xi. It really does have a ncie sound.”

After he had made the transaction, Huo Yunshen asked, “have you signed a contract with any company yet? Do you have a manager?”


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