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Xu Xiyan realized that Wang Dazhi was a computer expert, and could answer some of her questions.

“Dazhi, can I ask you something? If a chat account was hacked, can it still be recovered?”

For Wang Dazhi, the subject was a piece of cake.

“Of course you can get it back.”

“Really?” Xu Xiyan was surprised. “I used to have an account which was hacked. Can you try and get it back for me?”

“Sure. Give me your account ID. I’ll help you recover it after I fix the computer.”

Xu Xiyan wrote her account ID on a sticky note and handed it to Wang Dazhi. Wang Dazhi took the note and went into Fang Xiaocheng’s study.

Having an IT professional around really made a difference. Within half an hour, Wang Dazhi had not only repaired the desktop computer and installed the required live streaming equipment, but he had also recovered Xu Xiyan’s compromised chat account.

He came out of the study and returned the sticky note to Xu Xiyan. “This is the new password I’ve set for the time being. After you log in, you can change it, yourself.”

“Okay, thank you so much Dazhi.”

“You’re welcome.” Wang Dazhi chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

Xu Xiyan logged into her account with the new password. After modifying the password, she logged into the chat homepage.

She found that the friends she had added before were still on the contact list, and there were red circles with numbers in them, signifying the unread messages that they had sent her.

Most of them were messages from her patients and holiday greetings, but some were asking why Miss Yim was not online anymore, and where Miss Yim had gone.

Xu Xiyan noticed that one of her patients, Wing, had sent her the most messages. Thousands of messages.

Xu Xiyan never would have thought that, after her account was hacked two years ago, Wing would continue leaving messages for her. But he had been reporting his progress and efforts to her every few days.

[Miss Yim, this is the third week I’m doing rehabilitation. I am not as depressed as before. Now I have the courage to look up at the blue sky.]

[Miss Yim, I don’t know why you didn’t return my messages. Am I bothering you? Other than you, I don’t have any friends who I can talk to. Can I continue to chat with you in the future?]

[Miss Yim, I went to the cinema today and saw a movie called “The Stars on Earth.” It is a story about a child with autism and it was so touching. Every lonely soul will eventually find someone who understands him. Thank you for understanding me, too!]

[Miss Yim, I have been training for two hours today. Although it was very tiring, I feel that I’ve gained a lot and I feel great. I will not give up!]

[Miss Yim, today is my birthday…]

[Miss Yim, this is the second year of my rehabilitation. Although I have yet to stand up, I am now much better than before and can live independently.]

Xu Xiyan spent a lot of time reading all the messages, but she only sent Wing one in

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