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Chapter 1913: You Really Are A Fairy. You Are Too Titillating!

The sisters in the Huo family even brought over their families.

Ning Luoxiao and Ban Yanchuan also attended while holding hands. Friends from both sides came to give the wedding their blessings.

The wedding finally ended and a newlywed couple was sent to the new house at the Ye Residence. They were in the new house and Huo Sanyan was smiling as she looked at Ye Xun. Ye Xun smiled as he looked at her.

After the two of them experienced so many twists and turns, they finally became a married couple. It was really not easy.

“Wife, you are the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen!”

It was only after being busy the whole day that he now had the chance to take a good look at his wife.

Huo Sanyan also said with a smile, “Husband, you are also the most handsome groom I’ve ever seen!”

After the two of them smiled at each other, they hugged each other.

After the hug ended, Ye Xun looked at the wedding bed covered in roses and said, “Wife, tonight is our wedding night. We need to do something.”

“What should we do?” Huo Sanyan said.

“Give you good loving, of course.”

He bit down on her ears to give a hint.

The only thing Huo Sanyan felt was a strand of electricity jolting through every part of her body from her ears. She pouted playfully and hit him. “So annoying.”

“You will be praising me for being great in a while. Come, help me take off my clothes first!”

With Huo Sanyan’s help, Ye Xun took off his uniform and then it was Huo Sanyan’s turn. “I can do it myself.”

She put both her hands behind her and wanted to pull the zipper at the back. Unfortunately, it was out of reach. “Husband, can you help me pull the zipper?”

“It would be my honor, your majesty, the queen.”

Huo Sanyan turned around and Ye Xun helped her pull down the zipper. After that, her graceful figure appeared in front of his eyes.

“You really are a fairy. You are too titillating!”

Ye Xun leaned over, covering his little woman. He first offered her an emotional and passionate kiss.

It was a beautiful night with the bright moonlight outside. The temperature in the house increased and the two newlyweds were immersed in giving each other love, not being able to pull themselves away.

With Huo Sanyan’s pregnancy in mind, Ye Xun didn’t give wanton demands. However, Huo Sanyan did something unprecedented and used other ways to satisfy him. This made Ye Xun ecstatic.

It seemed that he wouldn’t have to worry about holding it in during the ten months his wife was pregnant. Hahaha.

After they got married, the two of them lived their sweet simple lives together. Qi Zhengming’s mechanical arm was finally completed and it was sent over.

When he saw the finished product, he couldn’t help but admire Qi Zhengming’s hard work. Not only did he create a smart device, but he also created it to emulate a real arm. He made it so that the mechanical arm did

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