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Chapter 1908: Gifts

“Seriously, can’t you think of anything other than that?” Huo Sanyan asked.

“Like what?” Ye Xun asked back.

“Like the kid’s name?”

“You’re right! We do have to think of that! Let’s think of two names for each gender! What should we name our baby if it’s a boy?”

Ye Xun started to rummage through his vocabulary, and Huo Sanyan joined him.

“Well, how about Ye Wen?” Huo Sanyan suggested. [1]

“You do know that’s the name of a legendary master, right? We can’t use that!”

“Then… Sicong?”

“No, that’s too vulgar!”

“Hell! Do you have any idea then?”

Ye Xun couldn’t come up with any good idea either but thought of some other ways.

“Why don’t we ask everyone to help us think of one in the group chat?”

“That’s a great idea! Lemme ask them!”

Huo Sanyan quickly unlocked her phone and pulled up the chatting app.

[Three-Eyed Monster]: [Notice] Guys! I’m looking for names for our baby. We need two for both boys and girls. Any ideas?

Wan Dou was the first to reply.

[Lady Wandou]: What? You’re pregnant? Twins?

Huo Sanyan laughed at Wan Dou’s reply. Since she hadn’t done the actual ultrasound yet, there was no way for them to know if she had twins or not.

[Three-Eyed Monster]: No, we aren’t sure yet.

[Lady Wandou]: Ye Qiu and Ye Feng?

[Qianqian QueGe]: Ye Lin. [2]

[Dongxie Xidu]: Ye Lüsu.

[Qianqian Quege]: Are you here just to make jokes? @Dongxie Xidu

[Dongxie Xidu]: Yep!

[Shenlan Shuiqian]: Ye Manman, Ye Duoduo.

[Dongxie Xidu]: Wait, so the wedding’s soon, right?

[Qiufeng Shao Luoye]: (Voice Message) 18″

Ye Xun wanted to join the chat, but because typing with one arm was a challenge, he decided to send a voice message instead.

[Three-Eyed Monster]: Soon. We’ve just sent out the invitations. Oh! Don’t forget about the gifts!

The group was supposed to help the couple to think of names for their baby, but they started to talk about the wedding in the end.

Huo Sanyan let them know the actual date first so that they could get ready for it.

They talked in the group chat until late at night. Huo Sanyan woke up naturally the next day and realized Ye Xun was not in bed.

She wondered where he’d gone.

The first thing Huo Sanyan did when she woke up every day was to find where Ye Xun was. Seeing him was the only thing that could calm her heart down.

She didn’t even clean herself and went downstairs. Hearing sounds coming from the kitchen, she went in and saw her man cooking.

“Ye Gongzi?”

Ye Xun turned around and smiled at her.

“You’re awake?”

Huo Sanyan went in and saw he was making breakfast. He was frying a heart-shaped egg in the pan.

“Didn’t I tell you to let the maids do the cooking?” Huo Sanyan scolded.

She was worried that he might hurt himself.


[1] Ye Wen, also known as Ip Man or Yip Man, was a master of the martial art Wing Chun, and was Bruce Lee’s master.

[2] Ye

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