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Chapter 1912: Deep In Love

Ye Xun hugged Huo Sanyan tightly as she rested her head on his shoulder. Both of them were looking forward to their married life.

After they’d taken the wedding photos, they went to register for their marriage.

The moment they got their marriage certificates, their hearts fluttered.

“With this certificate, you’re mine now.” Ye Xun smiled. “You aren’t allowed to leave me, okay? Military marriages are all protected by the law.”

“I won’t leave even if you try to chase me away, believe me. I’m going to stick with you forever,” Huo Sanyan said as she hugged Ye Xun’s waist. “Where should we go now?”

“Dinner, movie. We are going to do things that we didn’t get to do before!”

“Let’s go then!”

They went for a romantic candlelight dinner and a romance movie at the theater.

Then, they walked down the streets of Mo City like all other couples, sipping on boba teas while holding hands.

It was probably the happiest they’d ever been. They were a married couple that was deeply in love.

Their lives finally got into the same rhythm.

He loved her as much as she loved him.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan’s wedding was held half a month later at the army base.

A lot of their friends were present to witness the most important day of their lives. Ye Xun wore his military uniform while Huo Sanyan put on the dress Ye Xun had custom made for her.

As they walked down the base, lines of honor guards stood next to them and welcomed them with instruments. All of the soldiers were present to witness their General’s wedding.

The moment Ye Xun appeared, all of them saluted to him.

As the General of their country, Ye Xun had become the hero in every soldier’s heart. He was a legend.

Ye Xun then stood on the podium as Huo Yunshen, with Jing Xi behind him, awarded him the highest honor. Huo Yunshen was also the host for the wedding that day.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan finally became husband and wife officially under everyone’s witness.

The next procedure was for Ye Xun to inspect the army in an open-top military vehicle.

Everywhere Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan passed by, the soldiers would salute them and congratulate them on their marriage.

After inspecting the base, they then proceeded to the capital city where citizens were waiting for them, eagerly waiting to witness the marriage of the country’s hero.

It was probably the most extraordinary wedding Huo Sanyan had ever witnessed.

After the wedding, a dinner was held in the National Banquet Hall.

Ye Xun had originally booked the Mo City Grand Hotel for their wedding dinner, but Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen thought that the dinner should be grander than that. That was why Huo Yunshen changed the venue instead as a surprise for them.

Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun were the only couples who got to hold their wedding dinner at the National Banquet Hall other than the king and queen. It was the highest honor Huo Yunshen could give th

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