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Chapter 1907: Have Such Strong Resistance

Ning Luoxiao saw that Ye Xun’s arm had been amputated and felt sad in her heart. “I was just about to go visit you guys after I got the news but you guys already came.”

“Thank you for your concern. I’m fine, so you can relax!” Ye Xun said while laughing slightly.

After Huo Sanyan entered the house, she said, “We were coming from the palace and it was on the way. Where’s Yanchuan? He isn’t home?”

A lonely expression appeared on Ning Luoxiao’s face. “You ask me where he is, but to be honest, I really don’t know where he is. Although I’ve become his wife, at most, I am just a decoration for him. Ever since we got married, I don’t know his whereabouts. He rarely comes back here.”

Huo Sanyan frowned when she heard her. “This Bai Yanchuan is unbelievable. How can he just leave a pregnant woman like you at home? He really is too much! I will definitely give him a lecture when I see him again!”

“Sigh. Don’t do that. Otherwise, he will definitely think I am a schemer again.” Ning Luoxiao sighed.

“What do you mean schemer. I was the one who planned it. Sigh, I never thought it would turn out like this.”

Back then, Huo Sanyan only hoped to help Ning Luoxiao get married to Bai Yanchuan. However, she didn’t consider other factors. If she had known Bai Yanchuan would have such strong resistance, perhaps she wouldn’t have played matchmaker for them.

Right now, Ning Luoxiao had to stay in an empty room by herself while pregnant. How could this be a good thing?

“Sigh, we should stop talking about me. I’m already used to living by myself. How about you guys? Have you set the date for the wedding yet?” Ning Luoxiao asked, showing her concern for them.

“Yeah, we’ve already set the date. We wanted to give you the wedding invitation while we were here today. I hope you can attend our wedding with Bai Yanchuan when the time comes.”

Huo Sanyan gave her the wedding invitation. After Ning Luoxiao took it, she said, “You can rest assured I will definitely notify him. We will attend your wedding on time when it comes.”

After she gave her the wedding invitation and had a chat, Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun left ‘Above The Waves’ and went back to the Ye Residence together.

The two of them already planned to seize the moment and go take their wedding photos the next morning.

At night, after they bathed, the two of them had an early rest and went to bed. Huo Sanyan nestled herself in Ye Xun’s embrace and chatted with him.

Huo Sanyan remembered the Cute Little Angel Ye Xun previously “married” in The Royal Alliance. She asked, sounding sour, “Who was that angel?”

“What angel?”

“The one in the game who you married.”

Huo Sanyan asked Ning Luoxiao before and she said it wasn’t her. She didn’t play video games.

Who could that angel be?”

Ye Xun couldn’t help but laugh. “You can’t get mad if I tell you.”

“Okay, tell me!”

“It was Xiaoxi. She helped to think up

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