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Chapter 1914: Stopping That Lady

“I’ll contact him and bring you to him,” Ye Xun said.

Now that both of them had lost part of their bodies, they started to have things to talk about.

Mo Yutian also heard about Huo Sanyan’s pregnancy and congratulated him. “Oh, right. Congratulations on becoming a father soon.”

“Thank you.” Ye Xun smiled as he patted Mo Yutian’s shoulder. “What about you? What are your plans?”

“I don’t have any, actually. My life is pretty good right now.”

Mo Yutian was happy with his current life. He got to live with his mother, was able to visit Niuniu in the palace, and could play with the kids. He even got to meet with Jing Xi from time to time. The peaceful life he had now was something that he’d never thought he could have.

As for his relationship, he never paid any attention to it. Being single was okay with him.

Being at a place where he could protect Jing Xi and Niuniu was enough.

Ye Xun left the palace after that to fetch his wife back from work.

“Isn’t the antenatal care tomorrow?” Ye Xun asked when they were on their way back.

“Yup! Tomorrow’s the first time! Xiaoxiao is coming with me too.”

“I see. I’m going with you too.”

Just as they were talking, a car came out from the corner in front of them, and Huo Sanyan recognized the vehicle.

“Hey, isn’t that Yanchuan’s car?”

Ye Xun focused his eyes on the driver’s seat. Indeed, Bai Yanchuan was sitting there, but another lady was sitting shotgun too.

Huo Sanyan also noticed the lady and asked, “Who’s that with him?”

“I don’t know. But I’m sure it’s not Xiaoxiao.”

“Don’t tell me he’s having an affair!”

There was no way Ye Xun would let his friend get betrayed. He immediately ordered his driver to follow Bai Yanchuan’s car.

They tailed Bai Yanchuan to a club where he and the lady went in.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan hid nearby and realized Bai Yanchuan was indeed quite close to the lady. To be more precise, the lady was trying to flirt with Bai Yanchuan.

Not only did she keep on praising him, but she even took his hand and helped read his palm. It was clear what she was trying to achieve.

“Nuh-uh! I’m not letting that bitch get what she wants!”

Huo Sanyan decided to do something about the situation.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Just wait here. I’m going to spoil their mood!”


Ye Xun sighed but did not stop her. If Huo Sanyan had her mind set on something, there was no stopping her.

He could only wait in the corner and help her if needed.

Just as Bai Yanchuan was listening to the lady talking about his palm, someone suddenly appeared next to him and shocked them both.

“What? Miss Huo? What are you doing here?”

Bai Yanchuan was surprised to see Huo Sanyan. Bai Yanchuan wasn’t able to ask for a meeting after she got married.

“To meet you, of course.” Huo Sanyan smiled. “Who’s this?”

Huo Sanyan laid her eyes on their hands, which were touching

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