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Chapter 1904: Let’s Get Married

Ye Xun was deeply touched by Huo Sanyan’s words. He thanked God for letting him have such a wonderful woman in his life.

He vowed to love her with all he had for the remainder of his life.

“Yanyan, thank you.” Ye Xun smiled.

They looked at each other affectionately.

Their tragedy had finally ended.

Ye Xun was grateful to Huo Sanyan, Jing Xi, and Huo Yunshen for letting him know that losing part of his body wasn’t scary at all. As long as he and Huo Sanyan could protect their love, their future would still be bright.

Huo Sanyan put on her cloth and sneezed, which almost scared Ye Xun to death.

He quickly helped dry her hair and took her to the dining room.

“Here. Jing Xi made some ginger soup for us. Drink it,” Ye Xun ordered as he put a bowl in front of Huo Sanyan.

“You should drink some too.”

“I will.”

Both of them finished the soup Jing Xi had prepared for them. They then sat on the couch with Huo Sanyan lying in Ye Xun’s arm.

“I even chased you out when you’re pregnant… I’m a bastard…”

“I don’t blame you. I know you did it because you love me too much.” Huo Sanyan smiled. “You know, this reminds me of how desperate Yunshen was when he couldn’t move his legs. He even locked himself up. Only you and he understand what that pain feels like.”

“Yes.” Ye Xun nodded.

“But he fought hard to overcome all that hardship because of love for Jing Xi,” Huo Sanyan said as she raised her head to look at Ye Xun’s face. “That’s why I’m asking you to do the same too. Don’t blame yourself anymore and think of our baby.”

“I promise you.” Ye Xun smiled.

Huo Sanyan smiled back and closed her eyes.

Knowing that Huo Sanyan was tired, Ye Xun suggested, “Why don’t we go to sleep?”


They both went back to the master bedroom and realized it was trashed.

“I’m sorry. You went through so much to decorate the room for me, and yet, I…”

“Don’t worry. We can decorate it again, together this time.”

“You’re right.”

They didn’t go to sleep immediately and started to tidy the room.

Ye Xun made a list of all the items that were destroyed and asked some of the servants to go and buy new ones. They spent two days cleaning the mansion.

“What should we do next?” Huo Sanyan asked.

“Well…” Ye Xun started to think. “With everything in place, why don’t we get married?”

“Yes! I’ve got the invitations here! Let’s make a guest list first!”

Huo Sanyan got Ye Xun the invitation letters that were printed and started to write names on them.

When Huo Sanyan suggested inviting Bai Yanchuan, Ye Xun pondered a little.

“Can… Can we not invite him?”

“Why not? I thought you two were close?”

“Not at all! We aren’t close at all!”

Ye Xun was trying to forget the unfortunate event that had happened at the resort.

“Well, we still have to invite him since he’s Xiaoxiao’s husband now.”

“Wait, what did you say? Xiaoxiao’s husba

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