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Chapter 1716: Trying to Understand

“My liege!”

Jing Xi shrieked as she jumped away from Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen just kept staring at her as if he was reevaluating the woman in front of him.

It would make sense if the woman in front of him had the same body shape and vibe as Jing Xi, but what made Huo Yunshen curious was that the foods she made tasted like Jing Xi’s too.

“Where did you learn how to make this dish?” Huo Yunshen asked as he stood up.

“It’s… it’s my own recipe…”

Jing Xi stammered, as she was intimidated by Huo Yunshen’s stare.

Did I just insult him with a bowl of noodles?

“Can… Can you let go of my arm? You’re hurting me…” Jing Xi pleaded.

Huo Yunshen finally realized that he was grabbing Jing Xi’s arm and quickly let her go.

But he still continued to stare at her, thinking about how she had mentioned that the braised meat noodle was her own recipe.

He was finally interested in Jin Xiaoxi and wanted to know more about her.

Huo Yunshen had been avoiding her ever since she came to work at the palace so that he would not be distracted.

But now that he was finally looking into her eyes, he realized how bright her eyes were, just like Jing Xi’s.

He was starting to have doubts about the woman in front of him.

He then slowly approached Jing Xi as Jing Xi began to take a few steps back every time Huo Yusnhen advanced.

Jing Xi kept moving backward until she hit the wall.

Huo Yunshen then extended his arm and took her veil off.

He started to question the origin of the scar on Jin Xiaoxi’s face.

She said it was because of a fire, but she never said how the fire occurred.

Like… An explosion?

The more he questioned it, the more he wanted to know.

Huo Yunshen’s other hand was already at Jing Xi’s waist. He was tempted to pull her shirt up and check if she had the tattoo on her waist or not.


Jing Xi screamed the instant Huo Yunshen’s finger touched her skin.

She then pushed him away with all her might and ran away.

Huo Yunshen watched as the woman escaped and began to think of every possibility.

The paternity test result arrived seven days later.

Both Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan went to the test center together.

Huo Sanyan parked the car and turned to look at Ye Xun.

“I’m scared… What if it’s not the result we wanted?” Huo Sanyan asked.

“Then there’s nothing we can do but to accept the fact,” Ye Xun replied as he got down from the passenger seat.

Huo Sanyan took a few deep breathes the moment she got her hand on the report.

“What are you waiting for? Let me do it if you don’t want to!” Ye Xun scolded.

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