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Chapter 1686: God’s Will

“He’s the king,” Jing Xi explained. “He wants to talk to me about something.”

“But he looks scary…,” Xiao Tieniu said. “I don’t like the king…”

Jing Xi agreed with the little boy but she still explained, “He’s not as scary as you think he is. He’s Little Prince’s daddy, and as your daddy loves you, he loves Little Prince a lot too. He only looks scary on the outside but he’s actually kind inside.”

Jing Xi was just trying to change the little kid’s mind and fool herself at the same time. She would always tremble when she met the king.

“How long till we get home? I miss daddy…” Xiao Tieniu pouted.

Xiao Tieniu had always been with Mo Yutian ever since he started to remember things. He would miss him dearly every time they were apart for more than half a day.

“Almost,” Jing Xi replied.

The moment they got home, Xiao Tieniu ran into his father’s arms.

With his new prosthetic legs, Mo Yutian could move around without his walking stick or wheelchair.

Mo Yutian had finished preparing dinner and was waiting for his family to come back. Mo Yutian realized that Jing Xi did not have any appetite and was worried.

He waited until his son fell asleep before going to Jing Xi’s room.

“Brother Heiniu? Are you still awake?” Jing Xi asked when Mo Yutian came in.

“Yes. You seemed a little unlike your usual self today. Did something happen?” Mo Yutian asked.

“No.” Jing Xi shook her head and forced a smile.

“You know you can’t fool me, right? What’s wrong? Tell me. I can help you.”

Seeing how genuinely worried Mo Yutian was, Jing Xi felt like there was no reason to hide it from him.

“There’s… a problem… I’m worried that you might look down on me if I tell you…”

“What problem? And why would I ever look down on you?”

“I… I’m pregnant…”

Jing Xi mustered all her courage and told Mo Yutian the truth.


Mo Yutian was stunned as he wondered who the baby belonged to.

They’d been living together for quite some time, but they’d never had an intimate relationship.

“Who’s the father?” Mo Yutian asked.

Jing Xi sighed and briefly told him the story.

Mo Yutian became silent after hearing how Jing Xi had made out with Huo Yunshen accidentally and now bore his child.

Could this be God’s will? Mo Yutian asked himself.

Not only was Jing Xi Huo Yunshen’s, even another woman that looked like Jing Xi was also now his.

“What do you plan to do?” Mo Yutian asked worriedly.

“I don’t know. I initially planned to abort the baby before it’s too late, but the doctor told me that I have to give birth to the child because of my unique condition. Isn’t that too absurd?”

Mo Yutian began to think. Since the baby inside Jin Xiaoxi belonged to Huo Yunshen, it meant that the baby was royalty.

“Why don’t we relinquish our marital status?” Mo Yutian suggested. “You can move into the palace and live a better life.”

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