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Chapter 1693: A Shred Of Hope

In order to keep Little Apple company at night, Jing Xi slept in his room. Little Apple slept deeply while in her embrace. At this time, she felt the door open, and a stream of light shot into the dark room.

Jing Xi turned her head and there was a bright light coming from a small nightlight. She saw Little Grape sneaking in while wearing pajamas, standing on the carpet with his bare feet.

“Is it you, little prince?”

“Auntie Xiaoxi!”

“Why haven’t you gone to sleep?”

“I wanted to sleep with you like big brother Niuniu, can I?” Little Grape rubbed his bare feet against the floor, showing he felt slightly nervous about getting rejected.

“Of course, get in!”

After the little fella received permission, he quickly ran over and used the bed guardrail to climb up.

And so, Jing Xi had a child on both sides in her embrace.

In order to get Little Grape to fall asleep, she started to tell a story. Little Grape listened earnestly to the story while in her embrace.

Walking in the corridor outside, Huo Yunshen came over to see if his children were doing well. At this time, he realized Little Grape’s bedroom was empty. The little fella wasn’t there. He turned his head and saw the door on the other side was opened slightly.

He thought Little Grape had gone to play with Little Apple so he wanted to push the door open to take a look. However, he instead saw and heard Jin Xiaoxi telling the child a story with her gentle voice.

The story she was telling was vivid and interesting. Listening to it didn’t feel tedious at all. Huo Yunshen finally understood why the children liked to be with her. Perhaps it was because Jin Xiaoxi would emit some sort of motherly warmth from her body.

He touched the door gently with his hands. He didn’t push it open, but instead gently closed it for them.

Huo Yunshen walked extremely quietly in the night. He arrived in front of the room with a golden door, opened it, and walked in.

He stood in front of the cabinet, lit up a candle on the altar, burned an incense stick, and stuck it into the incense burner.

He lifted his head and fixed his gaze on the beautiful face of the woman in the photo frame. It was only after Huo Yunshen shed silent tears and choked on his emotions for a while that he steadied his emotions.

He whispered quietly to tell his wife, “Jing Xi, our Little Apple is back. He is really still alive! It is Mo Yutian who brought him back to my side.

“He grew up well and is very sensible. It is just a pity that he is very unfamiliar with me.

“I think perhaps he still needs some time to adjust. He will slowly get better.”

In the quiet night, a lonely man held the woman in the frame, looked at her warm smile, and asked, “Jing Xi, are you still alive? Could you have been stranded in some uninhabited island like our son? You are definitely still waiting for me, waiting for me to find you, right?”

Huo Yunshen would no

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