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Chapter 1718: Jealous

Jing Xi ran into one of her colleagues as soon as she exited Huo Sanyan’s office.

Jing Xi could instantly recognize her. She was Lin Xianjing, the top artist for Kandi Entertainment.

“Nice to meet you,” Jing Xi said as she met one of her most influential seniors in the company.

Lin Xianjing just nodded back slightly and turned to smile at Huo Sanyan.

“President Huo, are you free now?” Lin Xianjing asked.

“Oh, it’s you. I’m sorry, but I have some plans now. Let’s talk when we get back.”

Huo Sanyan then left with Jing Xi.

Perhaps because Jing Xi was walking slower than her, Huo Sanyan grabbed her hand and pulled her to her side.

Lin Xianjing was left where she was standing as she looked at the president of the company walking hand in hand with Jin Xiaoxi. She was feeling salty because of it.

She thought of herself as one of the pillars that made the company what it was. She had earned quite a reputation for the company but was treated like a nobody by the president.

She’d heard that Huo Sanyan would get tired of old things quickly, and Lin Xianjing never really believed it until she saw how close Huo Sanyan was with Jin Xiaoxi.

And the reason she wanted to meet with Huo Sanyan was to ask why most of the resources that were supposed to be hers were reallocated to Ye Fanxing.

She wanted to know why Huo Sanyan was investing so much in a new artist.

Lin Xianjing was jealous of Jin Xiaoxi.

“Jingjing.” Lin Xianjing’s assistant nudged her. “You see it now, right? How the president treats the new girl? They must’ve known each other long before this! She’s just ignoring you right now. But we shouldn’t look down on Ye Fanxing either. She might just topple your legacy. I’ve even heard that the dinner tomorrow was set up specifically for her.”

“So what?” Lin Xianjing snorted. “What can an amateur do?”

On the other side, Huo Sanyan went shopping with Jing Xi. She treated Jing Xi as her own bestie and bought some pretty clothes and dresses for her.

But Jing Xi was feeling pressured around Huo Sanyan and kept rejecting all the gifts.

“Don’t be so tense,” Huo Sanyan laughed. “You can even treat me as your girlfriend. You can even call me third sis if you want to.”

“But, that’s bad, right? You’re the king’s sister. I think I should call you the third princess instead.”

“What…” Huo Sanyan laughed at Jing Xi’s words, thinking that the Jing Xi that had lost her memories was impressive too.

Both of them were the center of attention at the mall. Huo Sanyan always dressed as a successful businesswoman and could still attract a lot of attention.

On the other hand, Jing Xi had a veil covering her face, which attracted attention too.

Even with the veil, a few of her fans managed to notice her since there was a poster of her right next to her.

The fans were taking photos with the poster when one of them noticed the real thing standing next to them

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