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Chapter 1703: There Were New Discoveries

Helian Qingyu asked someone to bring the presents he’d prepared for the children. Little Apple received a big gift box but he didn’t know if he could take it. He turned to look at his mother.

He only accepted it when he saw his mom nod. He said, “Thank you.”

The mischievous Little Grape saw that his big brother had received a gift. He put his hands behind his back and very unhappily asked his uncle, “Uncle, Brother Niuniu has a present but why don’t I have one? Could it be you aren’t my real uncle?”

Oh my gosh!

Helian Qingyu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry and lifted Little Grape up. He dotted him on his little nose and said, “I realized something: your sister was the happy beans in the past, but now it is you who are the happy beans. Do you want uncle to die from laughter?”

Helian Qingyu would, of course, prepare presents for all of the children. He ordered all the gifts to be brought out right now and Little Grape stopped whining after he received a present.

Ying Bao also received a present. It was a beautiful doll. Although she had already passed the age where she played with dolls, since it was given to her by her uncle, she still thanked him.

The children were playing with their parents when Helian Qingyu came to Huo Yunshen and said, “Brother, you came at just the right time, I have something to say to you.”

The two men went away to the study. After they were inside, Huo Yunshen asked, “What is it?”

Helian Qingyu answered as things were. “Brother, I haven’t told you about when I was building the hydroelectric power plant at the canyon. This project was started about half a year ago. The water was only successfully choked two days ago. However, do you know what we discovered?”

“Discovered… Jing Xi?”

Huo Yunshen thought of the worst possibility. If the water was choked, did it mean they found Jing Xi remains at the bottom?

“No, no… that’s not it! Don’t get stirred up. Let me explain slowly.”

Helian Qingyu then told him everything that was discovered at the bottom of the canyon.

It turned out that the entire lower part of the canyon could only be seen once the water was choked. The geological surveyors discovered a huge tunnel at the bottom. And this tunnel was like a secret passageway.

According to historical records and speculation, that area had been a small country thousands of years ago. The tunnels could be one of the country’s secret passageways.

When water passed through, it would create a huge undercurrent and the entire passageway would be filled with water.

That’s why Helian Qingyu speculated that the reason why Little Apple and Mo Yutian didn’t die after they fell off the canyon and why they couldn’t be found by dredging at the bottom was because they might’ve been swept into the secret passageway and washed up at another entrance.

That might also be the reason why they couldn’t find Jing Xi.

Could it be

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