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Chapter 1681: He Couldn’t Even Say How Jealous He Felt

Huo Yunshen might not have known if he didn’t ask his daughter. Auntie Lan actually went behind his back again to find that woman.

Huo Yunshen didn’t say anything when he heard that they went to the museum. He spent some more time with Ying Bao before finally leaving her room.

After he came out, Yin Feng was beside him and he asked, “Is the museum open today?”

Yin Feng remembered that the museum was usually closed on Monday for maintenance and, coincidentally, today was Monday.

However, since his majesty asked, he thought it was his majesty who wanted to go to the museum so he went and checked.

Not long after, Yin Feng came back to report, “Your majesty, the museum is closed today but the prince is over there.”


Huo Yunshen continued working. It wasn’t clear how much time passed and he closed the last document and put the cap on the pen. He then got up and went out of the study.

“Yin Feng, prepare the car,” Yunshen ordered when he went out.

“Okay. The car has already been prepared and we can head out anytime. Your majesty, where would you like to go?”

“The museum.”

The royal family’s car arrived at the Dragon Kingdom’s museum very quickly. The museum was closed to the public but they could use a special passageway to go straight into the museum.

As they had been contacted beforehand, the curator gathered the workers into formations to wait for the king. They welcomed him to conduct a routine inspection.

Huo Yunshen only came to take a look and not for an inspection. After he asked the people to disperse, he went to find his son while accompanied by Yin Feng and some other people.

While following the directions given by the museum workers, they arrived at a room where they could hear a slightly vague piano sound coming from a big room a distance away.

When the door was pushed open, the fresh and clean sound of the piano went to their ears.

It turned out this was a hall that specialized in the collection of all types of musical instruments. One of them was a piano that was specifically for visitors to play.

At this time, his son Little Grape was sitting in front of the piano. He was like an elegant little gentleman as he focused on playing the piano. Beside him sat a young boy. He looked like Jin Xiaoxi’s son Tieniu.

Jin Xiaoxi and Auntie Lan, on the other hand, were standing beside them and looking at the children playing the piano.

Little Grape demonstrated it once and asked Tieniu to sit beside him. He said, “Sit with me and I will you teach you how to play the piano.”

Huo Yunshen was shocked that his son, who was used to being selfish, would actually share with his friends.

Tieniu did as he said and sat on the long piano bench. His little hands were only just able to touch the piano’s keys.

“Do as I do. Start from the simplest ones.” Little Grape taught him patiently and Little Tieniu

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