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Chapter 1710: Unacceptable

A woman was following behind the guards. Since there was still quite a distance between them, Huo Yunshen could not see her face clearly.

Yin Feng was the first to reach the king and reported, “My liege, I’ve finally found the queen.”

Yin Feng then stood to one side, and behind him stood the woman.

Her head was lowered, and she was wearing a long dress with her long hair covering her face.

“Jing Xi…” Huo Yunshen tried to call out her name.

But Jin Hua did not raise her head and ignored Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen then turned to look at Yin Feng curiously.

Yin Feng quickly whispered into Huo Yunshen’s ear, telling him that the queen might have amnesia.

The news was like needles piercing Huo Yunshen’s heart.

Huo Yunshen had no idea how to talk to a person who had amnesia. His mind was in chaos.

“Jing Xi… Can you raise your head?” Huo Yunshen then asked.

Jin Hua then slowly raised her head.

But the moment Huo Yunshen saw her face, anger filled his eyes.

“She’s not Jing Xi!” Huo Yunshen scolded.

That one look was enough for Huo Yunshen to realize the difference. There was no way Huo Yunshen could ever forget the details of Jing Xi’s face.

“My liege, we learned from her that she was injured when she was saved and her face was ruined. She could not even remember who she was and had to get plastic surgery to fix her face,” Yin Feng quickly reported.

“…” Even if that was the truth, it was still too much for Huo Yusnhen to process.

In just a brief moment, Jin Xiaoxi’s face flashed in his head.

He was confused as he could not feel anything from Jing Xi’s return.

And he could not feel any response from Jing Xi either.

He was having doubts that the woman in front of him was even Jing Xi.

Huo Yunshen then took Jing Xi’s ring out and asked, “Do you remember this ring?”

Since Jin Hua was pretending to have amnesia, there was no way she could remember the ring.

But Jin Hua did not think that much and exclaimed, “That’s my ring!”

She then took the ring and put it on her finger, and it fit perfectly, which made some of those present think she really was Jing Xi.

Even though it was already almost clear to Huo Yunshen that she was a fake one, he did not reveal her true colors instantly. He needed to be more certain.

He then let Jin Hua stay at the palace for the time being and planned to find the truth in the meantime.

The best way to know if she was the real one or not was the cloud tattoo that was supposed to be on Jing Xi’s waist. Huo Yunshen was planning to have one of the maids help Jin Hua shower and check if the tattoo was there or not.

Jin Hua got to stay in one of the most luxurious rooms in the palace. She began to dream about the life that was waiting for her.

Everyone in the palace had learned that the queen had returned, even Jing Xi. She also heard that the queen had been found with a certain Jin family.


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