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Chapter 1695: Such Great Fortune

The Triumph Palace was brilliantly lit at night and was a dazzling sight to behold.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan went in a hurry to have dinner. They immediately went over to take a look when they heard the good news that Little Apple was found.

“Where is Little Apple?” Ye Xun arrived at the imperial palace and asked everywhere about the child’s whereabouts.

“Let’s go take a look.” Ye Xun pulled Huo Sanyan by her hand and they went towards Little Grape’s room together.

They arrived in front of the bedroom’s door, knocked, and opened the door. Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan then saw the two children in the room.

One of them was Little Grape, the other was that nanny’s son. They thought his name was…Niuniu, right?! Then where was Little Apple?

“His majesty is playing with the little prince in his bedroom.”

The two adults were still looking for Little Apple. After they came in and looked through the entire room, they still couldn’t find Little Apple.

Ye Xun pulled Little Grape over and asked, “Grape, tell uncle, where is your big brother? Where is your big brother, Little Apple?”

Little Grape pointed with his hand and said, “He is my big brother.”

Ye Xun was speechless. “…”

Huo Sanyan was speechless as well. “…”

One could imagine how shocked the two adults would be. Both of their mouths were opened wide as they looked in shock at that dark-skinned and skinny fella.

He was the Little Apple who had escaped from the calamity and disappeared for three years?

Wasn’t he just the nanny, Jin Xiaoxi’s, son?

Could it be that this woman had adopted Little Apple?

Oh my god!

In a split second, Ye Xun’s eyes became wet. He took Little Apple into his embrace and choked on his emotion, unable to say anything.

It was such great fortune to be able to find the child after so many years!

Huo Sanyan also felt so moved that she started to cry. She came over to embrace Ye Xun and the child. All of their hearts were brimming with emotion.

It was only Little Apple who was completely dumbfounded. He could not understand why these adults would have such a reaction when they saw him.

He was not familiar with them at all.

Ye Xun let go of Little Apple and then reexamined the child’s face in detail. He said to Huo Sanyan, “Yanyan, take a look! I told you his countenance looked like big brother’s. You didn’t believe me when I suspected it back then!”

“I believe it! I believe it now!” Huo Sanyan touched the child’s face and had an obvious happy smile. However, she shed even more tears.

“Apple, I am your Uncle Ye Xun, understand? From now on, Uncle Ye Xun will also love you like I love Grape. Be good and don’t be afraid!”

Ye Xun realized Little Apple was shy with strangers and wanted to avoid him. He had no choice but to keep on appeasing him.

Huo Sanyan saw the child was still quite afraid of them so she said, “Ye Xun, don’t force him to get close. It will

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