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Chapter 1683: I Will Be Able To Satisfy Your Request!

Huo Yunshen really thought of her as a woman who was trying to become the queen. Perhaps she knew she could get close to him by getting close to his children.

“I’ve never…I really never thought of doing that before.”

Jing Xi felt a bit upset. He had misunderstood her again. She really didn’t know how she should explain it to make it clear.

She had just felt sympathy for the child and pitied him. She pitied the little prince for not having a mother, that’s why she paid him more attention and took care of him. She had really never thought about doing what he thought she was doing.

Getting accused by the king like this made Jing Xi feel extremely upset.

Perhaps it was because the king’s tone was too cold and forceful, but Jing Xi felt that even breathing became more stifling.

Huo Yunshen turned around and scoffed coldly, “Humph! In my eyes, you are a woman who is good at hiding her scheming and who would do anything to achieve her goal. Let me tell you, don’t come close to me again. And don’t come close to my son again! Stay far away from us! It would be best if you move out of Mo City! You can even move back to your country. In any case, don’t appear in front of us again!”


She never would’ve thought that even though she had just moved to the Dragon Kingdom, she might be getting expelled again.

Seeing that she wasn’t saying anything, he took a few steps to close in on her. “You can give a price. No matter how much money you want, I will be able to satisfy your request! Say it!”

A tall man’s shadow started to envelop her and Jing Xi unconsciously stepped back. Her mind was completely blank at the moment. The only thing she felt was that the air that surrounded him was very thin.

In order to prove her innocence, Jing Xi forced herself to be calm, took a breath, and said, “Your majesty, I don’t need money. I also never thought about getting close to you to become some Queen. You need to cure your narcissism. Not everyone wants to marry you. Besides, I already have a husband and a family.”

She actually called him narcissistic?

Did this damn woman not wish to live anymore?

“Very good! You are the first woman who dares to test my limits!” Huo Yunshen shot a cold and sharp glance at her, pointed his finger towards the door, and said uncordially, “Get out!”

Fine, she would leave!

Jing Xi knew very well she shouldn’t fight with the king. She would just turn around and leave.


Right after she turned around and took two steps, her vision suddenly turned dark, her mind went blank, and her body went limp. Without warning, she fainted just like that.

Huo Yunshen hadn’t even put down his finger from telling her to get out but she suddenly pretended to faint in front of him?


“Jin Xiaoxi! Don’t you pretend to faint and pretend to be dead! All of your tricks are useless!”

Huo Yunshen shouted at the woman lyin

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