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Chapter 1692: A Dream Come True

“Okay!” Jing Xi nodded as she stood up. “But I have to pack our stuff first.”

“You can leave it. Everything in the palace is better,” Huo Yunshen said, knowing that he could provide them with the best things.

“Thank you, but I still have to bring things that Niuniu is used to using or else he will get really uncomfortable with the new environment.”

“All right.”

Jing Xi did some light packing and took Little Apple into the palace’s limousine.

The happiest to see Jing Xi and Little Apple arrive was Little Grape. He had been nagging Lan Yi to bring him to meet them, so when they came to him, he was really excited.

Lan Yi had already heard everything from Huo Yunshen. When she saw Little Apple, she immediately picked him up and hugged him tightly.

“Who could’ve thought that our prince was still alive… Thank God…”

Lan Yi always had a feeling that Xiao Tieniu resembled the king a lot but never voiced her thought because the king was still in pain.

Lan Yi turned to Little Grape and said in tears, “My prince, look! This is your brother!”

“What brother? I don’t have a brother.”

Little Grape was dumbstruck.

“You do. Your brother was with you in your mother but you were separated when the two of you were born.”

Little Grape was still confused, unable to grasp what was happening. But he was happy that Niuniu could become his brother, as he had been wishing for it.

“Brother Niuniu! Did you hear that? You’re my real brother now!” Little Grape exclaimed.

Little Grape hugged Xiao Tieniu who had just come down from Lan Yi’s arms.

But Xiao Tieniu wasn’t happy.

“Brother Niuniu, aren’t you happy?”

“I’m worried that my daddy won’t be able to find me if I’m here…”

Little Apple still had no idea that Mo Yutian had already left. He still thought that he was just playing for a while at the palace and would eventually go back before night.

“Don’t worry about that! My daddy can call your daddy!” Little Grape comforted.

The two little boys still could not understand that they were actually twins and not from two different families.

Jing Xi then stopped in front of them and started to explain everything to them in an easier way.

“Little Prince, Niuniu, you both have the same mommy and daddy. Niuniu, Uncle King is your real daddy. This will be your home from now on.”

“Then where is my daddy?”

Little Apple still could not understand the situation and started to cry.

No matter how much the adults tried, they could not calm him down.

They could only hope that time would make him feel better.

In the end, Little Apple fell asleep, as he was worn out from crying.

Jing Xi’s room was still the same, next to Little Grape’s room.

Jing Xi returned to the palace, not as a nanny or a guest, but as the foster mother of the princes.

Huo Yunshen even prepared Little Apple’s room before he arrived, setting it up just opposite Little

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