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Chapter 1685: Encountering This Trifling Matter


“Good, I will call a doctor over right now.”

In order to prevent trouble from arising from an undue delay, Huo Yunshen’s plan was to quickly get rid of this unwanted child before Jin Xiaoxi backed out.

He could not accept having a child with another woman. Doing that was also unfair to Jing Xi.

The king’s private doctor was quickly brought over and Huo Yunshen ordered the doctor to take care of it.

Huo Yunshen went back to take care of some business but not long after, he received a call from his private doctor from the hospital.

He told him over the phone that they had discovered that Jin Xiaoxi’s physique was very unusual when they did a check-up. Her body had received some kind of trauma in the past, making it hard for her to become pregnant.

Now that she became pregnant against the odds, if she had an abortion, her womb might also be at risk of being removed when the baby was aborted. It meant she would be deprived of the right to become a mother in the future.

After Huo Yunshen heard what the doctor said, he had a very heavy frown.

The problem was much more complex than he had imagined. Who would’ve known Jin Xiaoxi’s body would be so unusual?

Her womb would also be removed if she aborted the child?

It seemed to mean she would have to have this child.

When Huo Yunshen thought about how he and Jin Xiaoxi’s child would be born in the near future, he couldn’t help but become frantic.

He stood up, took a deep breath, and knocked all of the documents on the table onto the floor. His heart was in a mess, it was in indescribable disarray.

Encountering this trifling matter was simply even harder to handle than taking care of official business.

The most difficult part was that Jin Xiaoxi already had her own husband and child. Now that she had this child, would her husband be able to accept it?

Jing Xi stayed in the hospital for half a day and when she felt there was nothing wrong with her body, she insisted on checking out.

It was only when the doctor told her how serious and risky the situation was that she understood the problem she was facing.

Not wanting this child meant not wanting her womb.

If she wanted to keep her womb, it meant she had to keep the child.

What was she to do now?

She couldn’t keep this from Tieniu’s dad forever.

But if she told him, would he think she was a frivolous woman?

Jing Xi contacted Auntie Lan first to confirm their location. She then went over to look for them.

Auntie Lan had been busy taking care of two children so she didn’t know what had happened between Jing Xi and the king.

Now that Jing Xi finally came, she asked worryingly, “How is it? Are you doing okay? What did his majesty say?”

“He didn’t say much, just that I should interact less with the prince,” Jing Xi said, avoiding the main issue.

Auntie Lan guessed that this was definitely t

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