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Chapter 1712: A Trick

Jing Xi was pushed out from the room, and Jin Hua slammed the door behind her. Jing Xi turned to look at the now shut door and let out a sigh.

She could not believe that her sister would do something as crazy as impersonating the queen.

Jing Xi then shook her head and decided that it was Jin Hua’s choice. Even the Gods could not help her if her identity was exposed to the king.

And as for the ring, Jing Xi now knew where it was, and she only had to look for a chance to take it back.

Night fell and Lan Yi brought trays of daily necessities into Jin Hua’s room with a dozen maids. The trays were filled with perfumes, bath bombs, towels, and even a luxurious set of pajamas.

They were ordered by the king to help Jin Hua shower.

There were also dresses that no normal person could ever get their hands on.

Jin Hua was flattered to see such a lineup of extravagant products.

Her eyes were literally brimming with excitement.

“I’m the head of maids here in the palace,” Lan Yi said, introducing herself. “We were ordered by the king to help the queen shower.”

Jin Hua was even more flattered when she heard Lan Yi calling her their queen.

She thought that she definitely had gotten the seat of the queen.

Jin Hua then proceeded to remove her clothes, and Lan Yi was just standing by her side, her eyes focused on Jin Hua’s waist.

Jin Hua did not notice the stare and went into the bath. She was treated with a massage while other maids served her fruits.

After enjoying her time, Jin Hua got out of the bath and got dressed.

The maids then led her out from her room, and she thought that she was going for a meal.

Yet the moment she arrived at the main hall, she was shocked by the atmosphere there.

The king was sitting on his throne, staring at her like the devil himself. Two lines of guards stood beside her, and they all stared at her as if she had done something wrong.

The maids then threw Jin Hua to the floor, and she tripped over her dress. She quickly raised her head and was met with the king’s angry stare.

“My… my liege…” Jin Hua stammered.

“Do you know what the punishment is for identity theft?” Huo Yunshen asked coldly. The shower was for Lan Yi to check if Jin Hua had a cloud tattoo on her waist or not.

But after inspecting Jin Hua’s naked body, not only did Lan Yi not find the tattoo, but she also noticed that Jin Hua’s body shape was too different from Jing Xi’s.

It was clear as day that the woman before them was a fake.

Huo Yunshen was furious, furious with the fact that Jin Hua had the nerve to trick him using his wife’s name.

“Wait… I’m really Jing Xi… You have to believe me! It’s just that I can’t remember much…,” Jin Hua pleaded, unable to believe that her dream would end so soon.

“Can’t remember much? Then how would you even remember your name then? This is probably one of the stupidest lies I’ve ever heard!” Huo Yunshen ye

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