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Chapter 1697: Already Couldn’t Wait

Jing Xi came forward and took the initiative to greet them. “Officer Ye, President Huo, I was just about to come to ask you guys to eat. Please head to the dining hall!”

Ye Xun used his arm to nudge Huo Sanyan. Huo Sanyan regained her senses and replied, “Oh…oh. We will go immediately.”

Jing Xi smiled and nodded. She then pushed open the bedroom door to call the children.

Huo Sanyan stared at Jin Xiaoxi’s back but she was asked to leave by Ye Xun. He also reminded her, “Can you not be so obvious? Even if we are suspicious, we need to pretend as if nothing happened. Can you do that?”

“Of course I can. I’ve already performed very naturally.”

Ye Xun criticized her without holding back. “Come on, your acting is so bad.”

“It’s not like I’m an actress.”

Ye Xun walked in the front and Huo Sanyan followed beside him. Perhaps she didn’t even notice it herself but the chemistry between her and Ye Xun was something that could only arise from being married for many years.

At the dining hall.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan couldn’t stay calm ever since that idea came to their heads. Although both of them acted as if nothing happened, both of their hearts were full of excitement and anticipation.

Not long after, Jing Xi walked into the dining hall while holding a child in each hand.

Huo Sanyan started to pat Ye Xun’s legs excitedly again, reminding him to look. Didn’t they look like a mother with her two children?

Ye Xun was speechless. He asked her to be calm but she just didn’t listen. It made it so that he had to immediately press down and steady her hand.

Both of the princes sat down, and not long after, Huo Yunshen also arrived.

Huo Yunshen greeted them when he saw them, sat down, and looked at his two children. He mainly asked Little Apple, “Niuniu, do you like it here?”

Little Apple nodded. “I like it.”

“Dad asked someone to prepare gifts for you guys. You will be able to see them after the meal.” Huo Yunshen wanted to create a comfortable environment for the child. He wanted to let him slowly get used to life at the palace.

“Dad, what gifts?” Little Grape asked curiously.

“It is a surprise. If I tell you now it won’t be a surprise anymore,” Huo Yunshen said.

Wanting to see the presents earlier, Little Grape said to his big brother, “Big brother Niuniu, let’s eat faster when we eat. We will go look at the gifts after we finish eating, okay?”

“Okay.” Little Apple nodded.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan were also looking at Little Apple. It was only his skin that was a bit dark. However, when they looked closely, his facial features and countenance had a remarkable resemblance to Jing Xi.

Once he grew up and changed a bit, he would undoubtedly be a handsome man.

The servants served the food very soon and everyone started to eat.

“Brother, I really want to congratulate you on finding your son.” Huo Sanyan congratulated him sincerely.


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