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Chapter 1687: He Should Also Do Something For Her At The End

Mo Yutian felt both Little Apple and Little Grape needed a mother right now and they both heavily relied on Jin Xiaoxi. It would definitely be better if Jin Xiaoxi became their stepmother rather than Huo Yunshen marrying another woman.

Moreover, Jin Xiaoxi was also pregnant with Huo Yunshen’s child. Once this child was born, they would be able to become a family.

The best thing would be if Little Apple could go back to the royal family. He would even have someone dependable to continue to look after him. In this case, he would also be able to step back after doing something good.

Jin Xiaoxi had been taking care of him all this while so he should also do something for her at the end!

Mo Yutian had already made his decision but Jing Xi was not willing. “How can I do that? Then what will I become? I already said I wouldn’t abandon the two of you.”

Jing Xi couldn’t go to the royal family. She didn’t want to go to the royal family. That place was not her home.

She only wanted to stay here peacefully and be content with what she had.

“You can bring Niuniu over with you. I feel most at ease when you are taking care of Niuniu on my behalf,” Mo Yutian arranged.

“And you?”

“You don’t need to be bothered about me. It will be easy for me since I am by myself.”

The current Mo Yutian could go out with a new identity. He could go anywhere he wanted.

He was a wretched person anyway so he was not worth people worrying over.

“No, living like this is good so we should keep on living this way.” Jing Xi didn’t want to destroy their current family.

After their conversation, Mo Yutian saw that Jin Xiaoxi wasn’t in a good mood. He didn’t want to upset her so he didn’t continue to say anything.

Jing Xi thought this matter had ended with nothing definite. However, when she woke up the next day, she discovered that Heiniu had disappeared.

He had made breakfast and placed a plate on the table. However, he was not in the house.

She opened his room’s door and saw his bed was made neatly, and the room was also tidied up cleanly. Where did this man go?

Endless streams of people and cars moved along in the bustling city.

This was the first time Mo Yutian used both his legs to walk on the streets in the Dragon Kingdom. It felt quite good.

Becoming as useless as a paralyzed person was truly unbearable. While he was on an isle in Starstan, he had endured not being able to walk for three years.

Now, he could at least walk once more.

He remembered the first time that he walked without a wheelchair was due to the encouragement and help Jing Xi gave him. Now that it was his second time walking, it was because of the help and support Jin Xiaoxi gave him.

He would never forget them for the rest of his life!

Mo Yutian took big steps towards the Dragon Kingdom’s Triumph Palace.

A magnificent building complex gradually came

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