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Chapter 1707: A Very Good Chance

However, when she thought about how she was pregnant with the king’s child, how could she explain it to the queen if she came back?

It was all because Yao Zheng had jeopardized her. Otherwise, those kinds of things wouldn’t have happened between her and the king. She also wouldn’t have accidentally been made to carry this child.

There was currently no way to abort the baby. However, Jing Xi really didn’t want to become a stumbling block to their happiness.

She thought about it and decided that leaving the palace would be better and was the only choice.

She would go talk to the king about this once there was time. She would ask him to let her leave the palace and move elsewhere.

When that time came, she wouldn’t let the queen know she was pregnant and she wouldn’t come to the palace to disturb their lives.

The car convoy arrived at the presidential office building. Jing Ruyue and Helian Wei initially wanted them to stay for the night and for the children to stay there for two more days. However, Huo Yunshen couldn’t wait. He took Ying Bao and then went back to the Triumph Palace, traveling overnight.

After he arrived at the palace, he immediately asked Yin Feng to personally lead a group of people to look for clues by using the information and pictures Huo Erqi had provided.

When Ye Xun received Huo Yunshen’s phone call, he immediately shared this good news with Huo Sanyan.

Huo Sanyan couldn’t contain her excitement when she heard him. “Is that true? That is wonderful!”

“Yes, have you done the test on your side?” Ye Xun asked her about how their plan was going.

“I already have Jin Xiaoxi’s hair. I will go to the palace today to get the children’s hair. After that, I will go to the lab to get the test done.”

Huo Sanyan thought there would definitely be a much higher chance of finding Jing Xi if they took different actions at the same time.

Even if Jin Xiaoxi wasn’t Jing Xi, she believed her brother would also be able to find Jing Xi in the end by using that ring as a clue.

The next day, Huo Sanyan came to the Triumph Palace again. She first went to look for Huo Yunshen to personally take a look at the ring. She listened to him talk about it and she felt there was a very good chance they could find Jing Xi.

After she chatted with him for a while, Huo Sanyan went to see the two little fellas again.

Huo Sanyan saw Little Grape very often so she was closer to him. She called that little fella over. “Little Grape, come here over to your aunt!”

“What is it?” Little Grape was playing and didn’t want to go over.

“You little rascal. Can’t you come over when your aunt calls you over? I will give you some tasty treats if you come!” Huo Sanyan tried to coax him.

“I don’t want to eat. You eat it yourself!”

Sigh. Huo Sanyan realized this fella was extremely rebellious. It really wasn’t easy to persuade him.

“You little fella, can’t you

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