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Chapter 1694: Proof

Little Apple turned around and saw a beautiful little girl staring at him curiously.

Little Apple used to think that other than his father, he had no other family. But now, he had found his real father and had a sister and brother.

The little kid was confused about the sudden changes in his life.

“So, you are my little brother. Come, let your sister take a good look at you,” Ying Bao said while waving at Little Apple.

Little Apple was a bit embarrassed and remained standing still.

Since Little Apple was not moving, Ying Bao walked towards him and continued to stare at him.

She then extended her hand and touched Little Apple’s cheek.

“Since you’re alive, that means mommy’s alive too, right? She’ll definitely come back,” Ying Bao said as tears began to fog her view.

“Why are you crying?” Little Apple asked.

“Because I can’t find my mommy…”

Little Apple was also sad because he could not find his daddy, but when he saw the girl crying because she couldn’t find her mother, he felt that she was in more pain than he was.

The kind little boy reached his hand out and wiped the tears from Ying Bao’s face.

“It’s okay, I can’t find my daddy either,” Little Apple said, trying to comfort Ying Bao.

“But daddy is in his office…”

“Not Daddy King, but my daddy…”

Little Grape started to think of his father again, and his face turned sour.

Jing Xi realized the kids were in a dark mood and called them over.

“Hey! I have some fresh fruit cakes here! Anyone wants to try?” Jing Xi asked.

“Yes!” Little Grape was the first to raise his hand, and he ran into the dining room.

Seeing Little Grape running off on his own, Little Apple turned to Ying Bao and asked, “Should we go?”

“All right.”

The three children sat by the table and began to feast on the fruit cakes and other snacks.

Ying Bao was feeling better after her long lost brother came back. It was as if a gentle wind had blown away most of her sadness.

She wondered if her mother would come back soon too.

She believed that as long as her mother was still alive, she would definitely return.

Ying Bao handed Huo Yunshen a DNA test report in the king’s office. The report confirmed that Little Apple was indeed Huo Yunshen’s son.

It wasn’t that Huo Yunshen did not trust Mo Yutian, but he needed the report to include Little Apple in the royal family. It was proof.

Little Apple’s real name had been decided the moment he was born. They named him Long Qinghan, a descendant of the Dragon family,

Huo Yunshen then asked Lan Yi to come to his office and he asked her how Little Apple was doing.

“The prince stopped crying,” Lan Yi said. “He’s enjoying his snack with the little prince and princess.”

“That’s good to hear.” Huo Yunshen nodded in relief. “I’m going to invite Ye Xun and my sister over for dinner tonight. Please make sure that the kitchen prepares their food too.”

“Yes, m

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