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Chapter 1709: This Emotional Moment Had Finally Arrived

Jin Tiao was not home at that time. They only found out he went to the casino when they asked his family.

Yin Feng and the others found Jin Tiao at the casino where he was gambling. When they entered, the gamblers thought they were there to arrest people and all fled.

Yin Feng caught Jin Tiao and showed him the picture of the ring. He asked, “Do you know where this ring came from?”

“Don’t arrest me! I will talk… I’ll talk! The ring is my sister’s! I stole and sold it!”

Jin Tiao spoke honestly. Yin Feng finally had a target now. They then went back to the Jin family again to find Jin Tiao’s sister.

After that, it turned out the person who came out was Jin Hua.

As Jin Hua had gotten plastic surgery, her silhouette was somewhat similar to Jing Xi’s. That’s why Yin Feng thought she was the king’s first wife when he saw her.

Jin Hua became unbelievably excited when she learned these people were here to look for the queen. She knew getting plastic surgery wasn’t a waste. Look what was happening now? The people from the royal family really did come looking for her.

“Do you remember what your original name was?” Yin Feng asked a few questions first.

“Jing Xi. That is my original name.”

Jin Hua changed her name when she had plastic surgery. She even asked her mother to help her give false testimony. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask my mom if I changed my name later.”

“Yes, yes, yes. We gave her the name Jin Hua after we rescued her from the sea and used it until now.”

Ge Juhua said this falsely. The mother and daughter had already colluded to use Jing Xi’s identity to help them have a luxurious life at the palace.

Yin Feng saw what they said made sense so he believed it to be true. He asked again, “Do you recognize this ring?”

Yin Feng showed Jin Hua the picture of the ring. Jin Hua and her mom both looked obviously stunned when they saw it. Didn’t this ring belong to that uggo?

Could it be that Jin Xiaoxi was the queen they were looking for?

Jin Hua had never associated her ugly sister with the unparalleled beauty, Jing Xi.

But she already had no room to backtrack right now. She could only put on a brave face and acknowledge, “That’s right, it is mine! However, I’ve already lost my ring.”

“I know where it is. The ring is currently with his majesty. Please come with us back to the palace! His majesty is waiting for you!”

Yin Feng basically could already verify that the woman in front of his eyes was the king’s beloved wife. This was wonderful. The heavens would not forsake those who persevere. They finally found her.

And so, Jin Hua was bursting with joy as she got in the royal car. Before she left, she asked her mom to wait at home for the good news.

The mother and daughter worked out all their testimonials. As long as they didn’t say anything, no one would know Jin Xiaoxi’s true identity.

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