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Chapter 1714: Chase After

Jing Xi let out a sigh and used her handkerchief to help patch up Jin Hua’s wound.

“What did I tell you? You should’ve listened to my warnings! Look at you now!” Jing Xi scolded.

Jin Hua nodded quietly, telling Jing Xi that she had learned her lesson.

“Go and find a good job after you get back, okay? Don’t live like you used to. Remember, everything in life takes effort,” Jing Xi said and took out a pile of cash for Jin Hua. “Take this and see if you can do something with it.”

Realizing that Jing Xi had not only helped her, but she was even willing to give her cash, Jin Hua burst into tears.

“Xiaoxi… I’m so sorry… I’m such an idiot… I’m so sorry… It should’ve been you…”

Jin Hua had finally learned her lesson. She was also trying to tell Jing Xi that she was actually the queen.

But Jing Xi did not think much about Jin Hua’s words. She only thought of them as apologies.

It was then that the ambulance arrived, and Jing Xi helped Jin Hua into it.

She watched as the ambulance left her sight, and she bid farewell to her foster sister.

The Jin family would be chased out from the Dragon Kingdom and sent back to the Star Country. Jing Xi was the only one allowed to continue her stay in the country.

Her story with the Jin family finally came to an end. She did not owe them anything in the end. All she could hope for was that they lived a peaceful life after returning to their own country.

Jing Xi then went straight to the main hall to look for the ring. The floor had already been cleaned by the servants, and the ring was nowhere to be found. She asked the servants if they had seen a ring lying around but all of them shook their heads.

And just like that, the ring went missing again.

Jing Xi sighed. At least she wouldn’t have to hope for anything since the ring was gone.

The case of Jin Hua pretending to be queen ended quietly. It did not stir up any huge scandals in the Dragon Kingdom.

Life returned to normal, but Huo Yunshen’s heart became even colder.

He had held high hopes that Jing Xi would return but was deeply disappointed in the end.

But Huo Yunshen did learn of something important. The ring had been found at a beach in the Star Kingdom, which meant that there was a high chance that Jing Xi had ended up there too.

Huo Yunshen stared at his wife’s photo in the golden room and placed the ring in a white ceramic bowl in front of the picture.

“Jing Xi…,” Huo Yunshen whispered. “Wait for me. I’ll definitely put the ring back on your finger personally.”

Huo Yunshen then left the room and ran into Jin Xiaoxi.

“What are you doing here?” Huo Yunshen asked as he had explicitly ordered everyone to keep their distance from that particular room.

“I’m here to apologize for my sister,” Jing Xi replied. She wanted to apologize officially to the king for what her foster family did.

She was a part of the family too, and she had to take

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