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Chapter 1689: She Is Our Biggest Benefactor

They had spent two years begging to earn a living. He and the child only finally had a place to live in the third year after a good Samaritan helped them.

Huo Yunshen listened to his description and when he thought about the hardships they faced, he felt so sad that he covered his eyes.

“Big brother, don’t be sad. It is all in the past.”

Mo Yutian comforted him calmly. The way he spoke about his past experiences was as if he was telling someone else’s story.

“I sent someone to Starstan to search for you guys but there just wasn’t any news of your whereabouts.”

Huo Yunshen let out a sigh.

“That is because we changed our names.”

“What is your name now?”

Mo Yutian answered quietly, “Mo, Xiao.”


Oh god!

Did he hear him wrong?

Huo Yunshen felt shocked once again when he heard this name. “Your name is Mo Xiao? Then that means you are Jin Xiaoxi’s…”

He had seen Jin Xiaoxi’s CV before. He remembered Jin Xiaoxi’s husband’s name was Mo Xiao. Could it be…

Huo Yunshen thought about it in detail and remembered that the part where it introduced her family stated that her husband was severely disabled. It was talking about Mo Yutian.

“That’s right. I am her husband, but our marriage is a fake marriage. I only had a fake marriage with her so that I could come back to the Dragon Kingdom.” Mo Yutian explained the sequence of events.

Huo Yunshen was unable to remain calm now that he knew clearly who Mo Yutian was. “If you are Mo Xiao, does that mean Little Apple is that… that child?”

He remembered he had seen that child called Little Tieniu a few times before…

Huo Yunshen thought about that dark and skinny child. Could it be that he was his long lost eldest son, Little Apple?

“Yes, he is Little Apple.”


It was only at this moment that he experienced what sorrow really meant. When he thought about how he didn’t recognize his own child even when he was beside him, he felt as if he had neglected his duties!

What kind of father was he?

He couldn’t even recognize his own flesh and blood!

“I… I didn’t even recognize him…” Huo Yunshen felt upset and smashed the table, his heart filled with pain.

“It’s not your fault. His skin turned dark, as he was often by the beach.”

Mo Yutian continued, “Little Apple and I begged for a living. If it wasn’t for Jin Xiaoxi, we might not be alive right now. She is our biggest benefactor.”

When Huo Yunshen heard Mo Yutian say such things, he felt ashamed and was unable to show his face. That ugly woman had helped to raise his son without complaints but how did he treat her in return?

“I already know the situation between you and Jin Xiaoxi. She is a kindhearted girl and she is pregnant with your child right now. Big brother, I won’t ask for much, only for you to treat her kindly. For the sake of Little Apple, take her into the palace as well and take care of her well!”

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