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Chapter 1682: Tremble

Little Grape ran into Jing Xi’s arm like Xiao Tieniu did.

“Mom…,” Little Grape called out.

“Hey, you’re wrong.” Xiao Tieniu turned and corrected Little Grape. “She’s my mommy.”

“I’m sorry…”

Little Grape was stunned.

He called Jing Xi “mommy” without even thinking about it. He wanted to know what it felt like to run into a mother’s arms.

“Niuniu, you should be more generous,” Jing Xi quickly told Xiao Tieniu. “Didn’t Little Prince teach you how to play the piano just now? Shouldn’t it be fine for him to call me that?”

Xiao Tieniu was a little unhappy about it but realized his mother was right.

“Okay, I’ll share her with you for an hour,” Xiao Tieniu said.

“Thank you!” Little Grape smiled happily.

“Come on, let’s go get some dessert,” Jing Xi suggested.

“Okay!” both of the children agreed.

But just as they were about to leave, they realized someone was standing by the door.

When Jing Xi focused her eyes and realized who it was, she couldn’t help but tremble a little. It was the king.

She began to think of the punishments that were waiting for her.

Realizing that the king was there too, Lan Yi quickly ran over to him and greeted him.

“My liege, why are you here?”

According to Lan Yi’s understanding, Huo Yunshen wasn’t supposed to return until the next day.

“To take a look,” Huo Yunshen said and turned to Little Grape while avoiding Jing Xi. “Hanghang, come here.”

Little Grape shook his head.

He had finally earned the ability to be able to call Jing Xi his mother for an hour; there was no way the little prince wanted to waste it.

Seeing his son disobeying him, Huo Yunshen sighed. He knew that if Little Grape were to stay by Jin Xiaoxi’s side for too long he would start to ignore him.

“Jin Xiaoxi, stay. Everyone else, leave,” Huo Yunshen ordered.

There was something that Huo Yunshen had to make sure of with Jing Xi.

“Can you bring them to get some dessert now?” Jing Xi asked Lan Yi.

Since the king had personally ordered her to stay, she had to obey it.

“Okay.” Lan Yi nodded.

Even Lan Yi was really nervous. She had brought the prince out without letting anyone know and was found out by the king.

Lan Yi quickly took the kids and left. Huo Yunshen walked into the instruments section and stopped in front of a window.

He looked outside the window and asked, “Jin Xiaoxi, did I not make myself clear enough last time?”

Jing Xi was standing a few meters away from him.

“I’m sorry…”

“Didn’t I warn you not to appear before me again? And now you’re trying to get close to my son? What are you plotting?”

“I’m not.”

“You even told him to call you his mother! Who do you think you are? Do you think that one night is going to change everything? Do you think you’re the queen now?”

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