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Chapter 1711: Heart Felt Very Weak

Her sister simply did not know how much his majesty the king loved his wife. If he realized someone was pretending to be Jing Xi, he would definitely want them dead.

Jing Xi was very worried Jin Hua would cause some disaster. After thinking about it, she decided to go tell her the stakes and to advise her to leave this place immediately.

After she found out which room Jin Hua was in, she pushed open the door and went in.

When Jing Xi entered, Jin Hua was happily eating grapes while lying down on the sofa. The look of enjoyment on her face was as if she was on a vacation.

“Sister!” Jing Xi shouted. Truth be told, she was really not used to how Jin Hua looked since her surgery. She no longer looked like the old Jin Hua.

Jin Hua jumped up immediately when she heard Xiaoxi’s voice. “Huh? Why are you here?”

She remembered that Jin Xiaoxi said she had already lost her job at the palace and no longer worked here. So why did she turn up here now?

Right now, her heart felt very weak. After all, Jin Hua was an imposter. Now that Xiaoxi was here, she could only tell herself to calm down. She needed to be calm and not shoot herself in the foot. Everything would be fine as long as she could fool Jin Xiaoxi.

“I came back to work here again. I am responsible for taking care of the prince in his daily life. Sis, why did you come to the palace? What did you come to do?” Jing Xi walked over and asked.

“Don’t bother me! Let me tell you, I am no longer Jin Hua. I am Jing Xi, remember that. When the king or anyone else asks, you just tell them I am Jing Xi. Ok?”

Jin Hua started to instruct her.

Jing Xi did not understand her. “Sis, how are you Jing Xi? You are lying and you even want me to lie for you! Do you know what you are doing right now? If his majesty the king finds out you are pretending to be Jing Xi, he will definitely punish you!”

“Enough, stop being so noisy!” Jin Hua quickly came over and covered her mouth. “Do you really want me to get caught so much? Let me tell you, I am doing everything for the family. Think about it. When I become queen, you also won’t have to be a nanny at the palace anymore in the future. Our family will be able to live well.”

“Sis! You really went crazy! Have you thought about the consequences?”

“That’s enough. Stop speaking! I’ve already reached this stage right now and there is no going back! You will be the cause of my death if you disclose who I am! Do you really want to see me dead that badly?”

“That’s not…”

“If not, then stop talking. If worse comes to worst, you can just pretend not to know who I am. I will be Jing Xi, and you just keep on being the nanny, okay?”


“Okay, okay. You should head out quickly. Don’t let other people see us together and also don’t let others learn of our relation.”

Jin Hua basically just buried her head in the sand. She thought that no one would find out about their relation

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