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Chapter 1679: Will Have Hope In The Future!

Ge Juhua saw that she finally took out money. She stretched out her neck immediately and it was even longer than a giraffe’s. She looked at her as she opened her purse and saw dozens of bills.

Green light almost shot out of both her eyes!

“Mom, I only have this much. Take it home and use it! For the time being, don’t come to find me. I am very busy and don’t have the time to entertain you guys.”

Just as Jing Xi reached out with her hand, Gu Juhua immediately grabbed the money and pulled it over towards her.

All her morality went out the window when she saw money!

Jing Xi let go and just as Gu Juhua got the money, a company car came to pick Jing Xi up. “Mom, you guys go back home. I will get going!”

Jing Xi got in the car and left. Gu Huhua counted the money and looked in the direction the car went. She then lifted her eyebrows at Jin Hua as if saying, That brat really became rich. The Jin family will have hope in the future now that we have money!

The day of Tieniu’s operation arrived. Jing Xi and Mo Yutian accompanied him to the hospital.

The cochlea reconstruction was a success. Tieniu would be able to listen to all of the beautiful sounds of this world without needing to use a hearing aid in the future.

After Tieniu’s operation was finished, he stayed in the hospital for a few days. Jing Xi took a few days off and spent every day at the hospital, taking care of her child.

After a few days, once the doctors observed that his condition was stable, Tieniu was able to leave the hospital and go home.

Mo Yutian prepared a sumptuous lunch to celebrate Tieniu’s discharge from the hospital. Moreover, he even bought a large cake.

Tieniu saw the cake and asked, “Dad, whose birthday is it today?”

“It isn’t anyone’s birthday.”

“Then why is there a cake?”

“There isn’t any rule that says you can only have cake on a birthday! Tieniu’s operation was a success and you can now hear with your ear, so of course, we must eat cake to celebrate.”

Mo Yutian asked Tieniu to sit at the table and then called Jin Xiaoxi to sit.

A phone rang right at this moment. Jing Xi saw that it was Auntie Lan who was calling. She guessed it might have been because the little prince was here. She said, “I am taking a call. Wait a while, a guest might be coming.”

Jing Xi accepted the call and the little prince did indeed come to visit. At this time, the royal family’s car was parked outside their neighborhood. Jing Xi went to bring the little prince over. Auntie Lan did the usual thing and waited in the car.

Once Little Grape entered the house and saw the big cake on the table, he asked, “Auntie Xiaoxi, whose birthday is it?”

“No one’s. It is to celebrate Tieniu getting discharged from the hospital!”

Little Grape walked over and looked at Tieniu’s ear. He realized that the strange device on his ear had disappeared.

He said softly towards his ear

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