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Chapter 1660: Used

Jing Xi waited impatiently for her new song to be announced. The moment it was, she quickly checked it out on the internet.

The Forgotten Ocean, Ye Fanxing. [1]

“Brother Heiniu! Look!” Jing Xi exclaimed. “My song is finally out! They even gave me a great name!

Jing Xi looked as the views and downloads of the song increased. The higher they went, the more money she could get.

Jing Xi went to the company the following Monday. She could hear her own song playing everywhere as she was on her way there, and it made her proud of herself.

Jing Xi went to look for David and ran into Angela on her way.

Everyone was congratulating Angela for something, and it piqued Jing Xi’s interest.

“Anan, congratulations on topping the charts!” one of the people surrounding Angela congratulated.

“Thank you, everyone!” Angela smiled. “But please do not forget that my name is not Angela from now on. It’s Ye Fanxing.”

Jing Xi was shocked as she heard Angela calling herself Ye Fanxing.

Jing Xi stopped one of her colleagues after Angela had left.

“What happened to Angela?” Jing Xi asked.

The worker looked at Jing Xi’s everyday attire and veil, thinking that she was their new janitor.

“You’re new, aren’t you? You should call her Ye Fanxing from now on,” the worker said. “Her new song just broke eight million downloads. Remember that, got it?”

“What’s the name of her new song?”

“The Forgotten Ocean. Here, this is it.”

The company’s speaker was playing the song at that moment, and it was the song that Jing Xi had worked really hard for.

Jing Xi could not believe that Angela was enjoying a success that was meant for her.

She noticed that the poster had changed too. Angela’s face and the title of her new album were posted on the wall.

Jing Xi was confused and decided to ask David about it.

Jing Xi did not knock and pushed the door open because she was in a hurry. The moment she pushed it open, she ran into David, kissing Angela behind the desk.

Shocked by the sudden intrusion, their lips separated.

Angela quickly jumped off David’s lap.

“Don’t you know how to knock? Where’s your manners?” David scolded when he realized it was Jin Xiaoxi.

“My apologies, but I’m here to ask what happened to my song? Why did it become her song?” Jing Xi asked as she pointed at Angela.


[1] Ye Fanxing means “The Starry Night Sky” in Chinese.

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