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Chapter 1650: A Whole Night

Yao Zheng sighed as her plan was flushed down the drain. Since the drug would not take effect as long as no woman went near Huo Yunshen, Yao Zheng thought that Huo Yunshen would be fine and would not suspect anything.

Yao Zheng turned and left.

Jing Xi was trying her best to look for an exit in the vent. After crawling for a long time, she finally found something that resembled a hatch.

She used all her strength to knock her body against the hatch, and the screws came loose. The hatch opened up, and Jing Xi fell from above.

“Ouch…” Jing Xi let out a groan.

She was lucky that the floor was lined with thick carpet, and it lightened her fall.

She could tell that she was in a room, but since it was dark, she could not see anything.

She started to look around with her hands out and came to a bed.

When she touched the sheet that was on the bed, she could feel the warmth from it.

Jing Xi was freezing from being locked in the cellar for too long. She needed something to warm her body up.

Intoxicated by the alcohol, she quickly climbed into the sheets.

The man that was sleeping on the bed was woken up by the sudden cold. The moment he woke up, his body heated up.

But his body was the only part that woke up, he could not think straight.

The drug in his body was taking over and he was being taken over by his lust.

It felt like a dream for Huo Yunshen. He felt as if he was in a scorching hot place, and he needed something cold to cool him down.

And it was then he touched the skin of the woman next to him.

It was what he needed.

He thought that he was hugging a pillar of ice as he tried to cool his body down.

Because of the drug, Huo Yunshen thought that the woman was Jing Xi.

He thought that he was having a great dream. Not only that he was dreaming about Jing Xi, but that it was also a dirty dream.

He thought that even after becoming a spirit, Jing Xi would still come back to him to fulfill his lust.

He wanted to give her all his warmth.

“Jing Xi…,” Huo Yunshen muttered as he searched for her lips with his own.

If felt like fire and ice when their lips touched.

He gave all of himself to the woman next to him.

It was as if he had gone back to his past.

“Jing Xi… You’re back… I love you…”

Huo Yunshen kept muttering the same sentence the whole night.

On the other hand, intoxicated by the alcohol, Jing Xi immersed herself in the love that was shown by the man and enjoyed it.

She could feel her burden being lifted from her that night.

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