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Chapter 1655: A Ghost Singer

Jing Xi was officially a signed singer now. She was very excited and thanked David again and again. Then she left Longwei Music Studio.

With her gone, David called in another female singer right away.

In a short while, a woman in a very tight skirt with long curly burgundy hair showed up in his office. “David, what’s up?”

“Angela, come on in. I’ve got something to tell you.” David escorted her inside.

This young singer was named Angela, another signed singer with Longwei who was pretty close with David.

Angela was hot and David was very fond of her. But unfortunately, she was never popular no matter how they marketed her.

Angela closed the door and went behind the desk to sit on David’s thigh. She asked, “Is there an emergency?”

David looked at her and said, “I’ve got a better idea to promote you.”

“What is it?”

“Take a look at this contract. It was just signed today.”

Angela looked at the name on the contract and found it familiar. “Starry? Sounds familiar.”

“She’s got live streaming. It was an English song.”

Reminded by David, Angela remembered her immediately. “Right, I know it. It was quite popular. How did you get her signed? What are you going to do for her?”

Angela thought that David had found his new favorite and sounded jealous.

“No, no, no. I’m not doing anything for her. Instead, I’ll make use of her singing to promote you.”

Angela was surprised. She stared at him for a while then realized. “Do you mean…”

Before she had finished her words, David nodded and they seemed to have reached some secret agreement.

Angela realized that David was going to make Starry a ghost singer for her.

But she felt worried. “Will she agree? What if it was found out?”

“She would not have a chance! You have no idea how ugly she looks. She could never show her real face.”

That being decided, David and Angela went on caressing each other.

With her new contract, Jing Xi went home joyfully. She had no idea what they were planning to do with her.

But before she entered the house, she heard little Tieniu crying. She was shocked and rushed in.

There she found her foster mother Ge Juhua spanking the boy. Heiniu was trying to protect his son and Ge Juhua beat him as well.

“Mother! What are you doing?”

Jing Xi ran to them and got Ge Juhua’s broom. Then she shielded the father and son behind her.

Upon seeing her, Ge Juhua seemed even angrier. “What am I supposed to do? This little bastard stole my cardboard and sold it all. Why can’t I spank him?”

Ge Juhua used to collect and sell cardboard.

Jing Xi saw that her cardboard was gone. So she said, “Mother, how much could that make? How could you spank a little boy for that?”

Ge Yuhua continued assertively, “I’m not only spanking him, but his father too! It must have been him who taught the boy to steal! I’m teaching them a lesson!”

Ge Juhua took off her shoe and was abou

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