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Chapter 1674: Professional

David was still living his dream. He was discussing a live concert for Angela in the meeting room.

He planned to have Jin Xiaoxi sing backstage while Angela only had to lipsync.

The plan was a go, and while the team was ready to think about ways to promote the concert, Jing Xi pushed the door open.

“I’m not going to sing for Angela!” Jing Xi shouted.

David did not expect for Jing Xi to show up and frowned.

He dismissed the meeting and brought Jing Xi to his office.

“What the hell are you doing?” David scolded. “Who do you think you are?”

“Me? I’m here to tell you I’m forfeiting the contract!” Jing Xi bit back.

“What? Forfeit? Are you crazy? Did I not pay you for your work? Didn’t we agree on you working for us for two years?”

“That’s right. I’m quitting. Here’s the contract!”

Jing Xi slapped the contract onto the table.

“Are you sure? You have to pay eight million! Do you even have the money?”


Jing Xi turned around and opened the door for her lawyer to come in.

“What’s the meaning of this? Is he going to pay?” David asked while staring at the man with a briefcase.

Jing Xi did not reply and left the rest to the lawyer.

“You must be Mr. David, am I right?” the lawyer asked. “I represent Jin Xiaoxi here and am here to talk about voiding the contract. According to the contract, Jin Xiaoxi is to sing for your company, but your company has not complied with the details of the contract. Your company was the one who broke the contract first. If anyone is paying, it’s your company, sir.”

“What the hell is this?” David scolded. “Does she think she can scare me with a lawyer?”

“If you refuse to pay, we’ll bring this to the court. Your act of using my client’s voice to promote another singer is a breach of the contract and fraud. You could be sentenced to three to seven years of jail time, and Longwei could be shut down.”

The lawyer’s warning finally scared David. He had no idea that Jin Xiaoxi had actually hired a professional lawyer.

If they were to sue him with the contract, the outcome would definitely favor Jin Xiaoxi.

All they needed to do was ask Angela to sing.

Without giving it any further thought, David took the contract from the table and tore it into pieces.

He thought that as long as the contract was gone, Jin Xiaoxi had no way to sue him.

“What are you going to do now?” David mocked.

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