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Chapter 1645: A Hidden World

Chamomile stood for the strength to overcome hardships, the persistence to defeat adversity, and the hope to survive.

He used it to cheer himself up, to stay strong when low, not for anyone else, but for Jing Xi.

He had people plant chamomile annually, and watched them sprouting, growing and blooming.

He had always had the unrealistic hope that when the chamomile bloomed again, Jing Xi might come home.

While Huo Yunshen was engaged in his sorrow, Jing Xi finished cleaning and turned around to find him sitting on the bed.

“Your Majesty.”

She was planning to do it quietly. But he was awake now. Would he blame her?


Instead of getting mad Huo Yunshen simply hummed.

“How do you feel today?”


He answered frankly. With the medication and some good rest, he did feel much better.


Seeing him not getting mad, Jing Xi felt less intimidated and suggested boldly, “Your Majesty, since you are awake, shall I open the curtains and windows? It needs some fresh air here.”


He nodded.

Jing Xi opened the curtains and windows. Soon enough, a fresh breeze came in with the light scent of chamomile.

Jing Xi came to him and asked, “Would you like me to prepare your clothes, Your Majesty?”


Huo Yunshen did not think much and consented again.

Jing Xi went on but realized that she had no idea where his closet was. She turned back and said, “My apologies. Your Majesty, where is your closet?”

Huo Yunshen had already gotten up. Instead of answering he pointed to somewhere on the door.

Jing Xi then noticed a delicate cabinet on the wall. Could that be a door to the closet?

She went there and tried to open the cabinet. But no matter how hard she tried it could not be opened.

Huo Yunshen saw her clumsiness and found it funny. Then he reached to the remote control by his bed and pressed a button.

The cabinet doors opened to the sides automatically when Jing Xi was about to push harder. She couldn’t help falling onto the floor.

Huo Yunshen happened to see it and burst into laughter.

Jing Xi stood up and rubbed her elbows. She took a glance at the king and was surprised that he seemed to be laughing.

“Your Majesty, were you laughing at me?” Jing Xi asked courageously.

Huo Yunshen faked some coughing and headed to the bathroom without answering.

Jing Xi pouted and turned to enter the king’s closet.

She was stunned by the hidden world behind the cabinet.

It was spacious. Tailor-made suits in dark colors were lined up in the closet, as well as ironed white shirts and various accessories. They were obviously of top quality and exquisitely made.

There were not many options in terms of color. Therefore, Jing Xi picked a suit, a shirt, and a brighter tie.

She also got a pair of socks and shoes, then left the closet.

The king was still in the bathroom. Jing Xi set his outfit aside and ma

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