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Chapter 1665: Completely Different Lives

“But Auntie Xiaoxi is leaving again soon.”

They had just been reunited. But the boy was already worried about getting separated again. It was obviously separation anxiety.

“Auntie won’t go home that soon. I’m staying with you for a while. OK?”

Little Grape nodded. He asked, “Auntie Xiaoxi, where do you live? Is it very far?”

Jing Xi shook her head. “Not really. I’ve moved somewhere nearby. You can come to see me whenever you want.”

“Can I see your home?”

Little Grape could only believe her words when he saw it.

“Sure. How about you come with me now?”

“Great,” Little Grape agreed. But before going he turned to Auntie Lan and asked, “Grandma Lan, can I go to Auntie Xiaoxi’s home?”

“Sure! You can go as long as Auntie Xiaoxi invites you to.”

Auntie Lan also wanted to know where Jin Xiaoxi’s lived now, so that when the boy asked for her again she could bring him to her easily.

The driver started the engine and Jing Xi gave him the address. Shortly after, their car pulled over in front of the Wutong Community.

“Your Highness, we’re here.” Jing Xi opened the door and brought him out.

“Auntie Lan, would you come and have some tea?” Jing Xi suggested.

Auntie Lan smiled and rejected the offer. “No, thanks. I’ll wait for you here.”

Actually she did not want to bother them since she knew that Jin Xiaoxi had a disabled husband at home.

“OK, then I’ll show him around and bring him back soon.”

Jing Xi held Little Grape in hand and took him home.

Upon opening the door, Jing Xi put on her slippers and took out Niuniu’s for the little prince. “Your Highness, would you like to put these on? They are Niuniu’s.”

Little Grape usually hated to use other people’s stuff. But since there were no other slippers, he had to put them on in order to go in.

“Good, your feet are of the same size as Niuniu’s. They fit.”

When he put them on, Jing Xi patted him on the head and said, “Come on in!”

Little Grape stepped into this strange narrow place. He looked around curiously and wondered how come it was so small, even smaller than a single room in the palace.

How could they live in such a small place?

He followed her inside curiously and saw a good looking uncle sitting in a wheelchair.

Hearing someone coming in, Mo Yutian knew it was Jing Xi. He rolled the wheelchair to welcome her and saw the boy coming in. “Xiaoxi, who is this?”

“This is our prince. He wanted to visit our home today.”

Jing Xi introduced him.

Mo Yutian then realized that he must be the younger brother, Little Grape.

He looked at the boy quietly. Little Grape was indeed a good-looking boy. He had Jing Xi’s eyes.

Upon seeing Little Grape again, Mo Yutian could not help feeling sentimental. He recalled how Jing Xi had suffered through a difficult labor and finally gave birth to the twins. Then the boys were taken away.

It had been three years, and

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