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Chapter 1662: Get Her Back

There was no way Jing Xi could fight with a huge company. All she could do was accept what little was left for her.

At least it was still money that she had earned.

Jing Xi took the envelope and counted the money in it before leaving.

Jing Xi did not go straight home and went to buy a computer instead. She planned to set up a desktop back at home so that Mo Yutian could do something.

Since she still could not buy Mo Yutian a new prosthetic leg, a computer was the best choice for him to spend his time.

After Jing Xi made a booking for the computer to be sent to her place, she went to buy a simple wheelchair for Mo Yutian too.

The computer arrived not long after and Jing Xi connected it to the internet.

“Why did you decide to buy a computer?” Mo Yutian asked.

“For you. You can try and learn something when you’re bored. There are a lot of interesting things on the internet. I can teach you if you don’t know how to use it,” Jing Xi said.

“Okay.” Mo Yutian nodded. “Did you get paid for your song today? You bought so many things.”

Jing Xi’s face darkened for a short moment when she heard Mo Yutian mentioning her song, but it quickly turned into a smile.

“Yup! I can finally earn money by singing!”


“Thank you!”

Jing Xi’s life was changing slowly, but it was getting better.

But the days in the palace weren’t so peaceful when compared to hers.

Little Grape had left the hospital a few days earlier, and his Auntie Xiaoxi hadn’t visited him yet.

After cornering Lan Yi, Lan Yi finally gave in and told him the truth.

“Why did daddy chase Auntie Xiaoxi away?” Little Grape asked as his heart broke.

“Because Auntie Xiaoxi did something wrong.”

Even though Lan Yi had no idea what had really happened, she guessed Jin Xiaoxi must’ve tested the king’s patience.

“Can’t she just apologize? Why does she have to leave?”

Little Grape was already crying, not expecting such a result.

“Grandma Lan, I want Auntie Xiaoxi back! I want her back!”

Little Grape yelled because he thought that his father would get Jin Xiaoxi back if he did so.

“Please calm down… You can’t get angry after the surgery, okay?” Lan Yi quickly stopped Little Grape.

Lan Yi then pointed at Little Grape’s heart, and the kid knew what would happen to him but he did not care.

“I don’t care! I want Auntie Xiaoxi…” Little Grape sobbed.

“All right, all right. I’ll take you to the king, okay? You can tell him yourself.”

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