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Chapter 1652: On Purpose

“I’m mistaken?” Huo Yunshen scolded. “Then how do you explain this?”

Huo Yunshen had ordered Yin Feng to guard the door and not let anyone in. And yet, Jin Xiaoxi was able to sneak into his room.

When Huo Yunshen thought of how he had betrayed Jing Xi, anger filled his eyes, so much that he wanted to kill Jin Xiaoxi right away.

“Do you know what awaits the people that try to use me?” Huo Yunshen scolded but couldn’t make the harsh decision. “You’re fired! Don’t ever let me see your face again!”

Huo Yunshen smashed the glass vase as he scolded her.

Jing Xi knew that she was in huge trouble. She quickly picked her clothes up and left before Huo Yunshen changed his mind.

She accidentally stepped on the broken glass, and it cut her leg.

Blood began to stain the carpet, but Jing Xi did not stop.

Huo Yunshen looked at Jing Xi as she left while limping around, but his heart was hardened and stern and he did not take pity on her.

Yin Feng came in to check as he heard something being smashed in the room. Jing Xi came out from the door when he arrived, and it shocked him.

His jaw dropped as he thought Jing Xi had left early the day before.

Jin Xiaoxi wanted to explain to Yin Feng but decided to stay quiet and left.

Yin Feng quickly ran into the room and saw the king standing by the window.

“My liege!”

“Yin Feng! How dare you let Jin Xiaoxi in!?” Huo Yunshen scolded.

Yin Feng looked at the messy bed and could guess what had happened.

“But, my liege, I’ve been standing guard outside for the whole night and never saw Miss Jin come in.”

“Then how did she come in? Is she a magician?”

“No…” Yin Feng could not guess what had happened.

But when he looked at the fallen hatch, an assumption appeared in his mind.

“I think I know how she came in,” Yin Feng said as he pointed at the hatch.

Yin Feng guessed that Jin Xiaoxi came into the king’s room through the vents on purpose.

“Get someone to clean up the mess,” Huo Yunshen ordered. “Make sure that this does not get out! And Jin Xiaoxi is not to be employed in the palace again, even if the prince asks for her!”

“Yes, my liege.”

Yin Feng left and proceeded with the king’s order.

Huo Yunshen then went into the bathroom and cleaned his body.

He still could not forgive himself for having intercourse with someone other than Jing Xi.

Jin Xiaoxi had left something ugly in his life that he could never forget.

Yao Zheng was able to notice Jing Xi running towards the door like a drowned rat. She thought that it was because Jing Xi had been staying in the cellar for the whole night and smirked.

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