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Chapter 1657: It Was Amazing

She said that deliberately to Ge Juhua so that she would not squeeze her anymore.

Mo Yutian was touched, for she was not giving up on them. But he still felt worried about their future. “But you lost the job. If we move out the rent will be high. How are we supposed to make a living?”

“No worries! I got another job!” Jing Xi told him about the music studio signing her as a signer.

Mo Yutian was surprised. “Seriously?”

“Of course! They found me through my live streaming. I went to their company today. It seemed nice and grand. So I signed the contract.”

Jing Xi sounded happy.

Mo Yutian thought it seemed like winning a lottery and felt worried. “Are they decent? Not fraudulent?”

“No way! I’m not that silly, ok? I showed them my face, and they still signed me. It means they are not investing in my face, but rather in my talent.”

Jing Xi smiled with confidence and added, “They asked me to record a demo tomorrow. If I can start singing, we’ll have nothing to worry about. Trust me, I’ll never let you suffer from hunger.”

Mo Yutian was overwhelmed with gratitude. He could only hold her hand and stare into her eyes gratefully.

Jing Xi still had some savings, the amount that the palace prepaid which had now become her severance.

She’d spent a little on the cellphone. And there was still enough for renting a new home.

She decided that she would go to an agent and find a home after her recording tomorrow. So that they could move out at the soonest time possible.

On the following morning, Jing Xi went to Longwei Music Studio and was led to the recording room.

David and Angela were both there. They picked a song and asked Jing Xi to record it.

Jing Xi put on a headset and started singing with the music.

Once she started singing, Angela was completely stunned. She sounded even better than in the video. It was amazing.

She had a very unique voice. It was husky, textured and charming.

David was also very pleased and shared a look with Angela. They both felt certain that the voice would make Angela a superstar!

When the recording was over, David applauded and said, “Well done! Jin Xiaoxi! You’ve got a unique voice. Very good. You will start the official recording tomorrow and we’ll get prepared for your new release. Are you ready?”

“Absolutely! I’m so ready.” Jing Xi was flattered. But she asked, “Do I need to attend any training?”

“Er… not now. I’ll let you know should there be any.”

“Sure. Thank you.”

Getting out of Longwei, Jing Xi went to see some real estate agents. She visited a few listings and eventually found a suitable place in terms of cost and location. Then she signed the rental agreement.

One of the advantages of staying in the Dragon Kingdom was that they offered a great housing allowance and made it very cheap to rent.

Jing Xi prepaid a small amount for three months as well as a deposit. Then she went to a moving c

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