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Chapter 1671: Turning Stone Into Gold

Inside the congress hall in the national convention center of the Dragon Kingdom.

The meeting was over and the counselors were leaving. Huo Yunshen assigned a few things to his assistant.

People were mostly gone. He was about to leave too.

Right then he received a message from Huo Sanyan.

There were five recordings and a line: “Brother, help me choose from these voices.”

Huo Yunshen did not think much and started playing the recordings one by one through the speaker.

They came one after another, until it came to the fifth one, a familiar song.

His heart skipped a beat when he heard the music.

It was Starry Night, the theme he had composed for Deep in the Shadows of the Stars.

Who would sing the song he and Jing Xi used to sing together?

After the prelude a deep and husky voice appeared.

Upon hearing the first line, Huo Yunshen already felt completely thrilled.

It was… very special…

Probably because Jin Xiaoxi sounded different from how she sounded talking when she sang, Huo Yusnhen did not recognize her voice. From a professional music producer’s point of view, he would have to say that the singer had a very unique voice. It was deep, husky and sexy.

It was a song for two. But she sang it by herself and still made it appealing.

Huo Yunshen did not stop it. So the phone went on playing it once again.

Hearing the familiar song, Huo Yunshen could not help recalling the past, and he fell into sorrow again.

The song resounded in the national convention center.

Huo Yunshen was indulging in the music and traveled through his memories with Jing Xi remembering everything that had happened since they met.

It was like yesterday.

He remembered their first encounter after five years, when she ran into his car and was taken by his guard as a robber. How excited he was to see her again!

He recalled when she disguised herself as Ye Xun and went home with him to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday. They played piano and violin together.

When he was forced into a corner by his own cousin, it was she who gave him consolation and encouragement like an angel.

He felt his heart stop beating when she kissed him for the first time…

He remembered every single detail of their time together.

When Yinfeng came back for him, he saw the king sitting there, lonely inside the conference hall.

He supported his head with his hands and seemed to be enveloped by sorrow with the song being played again and again.

It was obvious that the king was missing his queen again.

When Huo Yunshen managed to pull himself back from the sorrow, he wiped his tears and replied to Huo Sanyan with two words:

“No. 5.”

They did not know that these two words were about to change someone’s life.

When Huo Sanyan got his reply of “No. 5.,” she felt even more certain that Jin Xiaoxi was the talented singer she had been looking for.


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