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Chapter 1673: Gone Too Far!

Seeing that Huo Sanyan was a decent producer, Jing Xi felt very relieved. But she had to be frank with her now.

“Thank you so much, Ms. Huo, for giving me this great opportunity. I’m impressed by you and your corporate culture. But I do apologize as I cannot sign any contract with you right now.”

Huo Sanyan thought she was not making herself clear enough, so she added, “We haven’t even talked about your pay and benefits…are you sure you don’t want to hear anything further?”

“No, don’t take this the wrong way. It’s because I’m currently in a two-year contract.”

Jing Xi lowered her head and became silent for a while. Then she looked up and spoke again. “I’m not telling you a lie. I’m currently in a contract with Longwei. I was cheated. But I have to work for them for another two years. Otherwise, they won’t let me get away with it.”

“What? You’ve got a contract with Longwei?” Huo Sanyan was shocked. “What did you sing for them?”

She did have a crazy doubt. But she did not say it.

“The Forgotten Sea, Lover Throughout Time, Barely Love, Twin Flowers, and a few more under production.”

“Oh my!”

Huo Sanyan was right. That was why she found Jin Xiaoxi’s voice similar to Evening Star’s. They belonged to the same person.

She could not believe that Longwei was wasting her talent and using her as a ghost singer. It was absolutely unfair to her.

“Very good. So you are the actual Evening Star, aren’t you? They replaced you with another singer because of how you look?”

Huo Sanyan got a bit annoyed and wanted to stand up for her.

“Yes.” Jing Xi nodded.

So it was clear now. Jin Xiaoxi already had a few songs released under the name Evening Star. They were extremely popular, which proved that the public did like her voice.

Now Huo Sanyan would like to offer her a way better salary and re-market her as herself.

She would be promoted for who she was. Because she was so unique.

“No worries. As long as you are willing to leave Longwei and join Kaidi, just tell me what you want. I’ll have our professional marketing team work it out for you and help you make your own music.”

Huo Sanyan gave her promise.

Jing Xi still felt uncertain. “I get your point. But Longwei is not letting me go. Otherwise, I’ll either be sued or have to pay an eight million dollar penalty for breaking the contract.”

“They’ve gone too far!” Huo Sanyan could not help cursing and pounding on the desk.

Longwei was trying to control Jin Xiaoxi and squeeze her. It was outrageous!

Since Jin Xiaoxi used to be her nephew’s nanny, she had to help this woman out.

“Miss Jin, no worries. I will arrange for a lawyer to go with you to Longwei tomorrow and help you settle the contract. In terms of the eight million dollars, Kaidi will pay it for you. Rest assured!” Huo Sanyan claimed resolutely.

“Thank you! Thank you, Ms. Huo!”

Jing Xi almost burst into tears. She was most fortunat

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