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Chapter 1649: Known For Being Unreasonably Stubborn

Yao Zhen had a perfect plan. Now the ugly nanny was gone. Later she would find an excuse to serve something for the king. Then… she would make it happen tonight!

Yao Zheng started counting down.

It was freezing in the wine cellar. Jing Xi tried until her hands became numb, but could never open the gate.

The cellar was kept at a low temperature to store wines. It was much colder than outside. She was almost frozen.

She kept rubbing herself and hopping in order to keep warm.

But it was still getting colder and colder. Her hair was frosting over.

No way!

She could not stay here to be frozen to death.

She had to find a way out!

And before that, Jing Xi had to maintain her body temperature.

She looked around. There was nothing else but bottles of wine. She tried to open a bottle and drank some wine.

The cold liquid flowed down into her stomach and turned gradually warm.

She could finally feel some warmth.

She drank half of the bottle and started looking for an exit.

Then she realized that there was no windows at all. The only possible exit other than the door would be the ventilation.

She had to give it a try.

Jing Xi got a ladder and reached the top. With one pounding after another, she was eventually able to loosen the cover.

When the cover was removed, a rectangular vent was unveiled. She managed to get in from there.

It was fairly long and headed somewhere unknown. Jing Xi kept crawling through the vent and chose randomly when coming across forks in her path.

She hoped that God would bless her to find a way out soon.

After another two hours, darkness fell and it was time for dinner.

Yao Zheng had the dinner ready and delivered it to the king’s room.

Like always, Yin Feng stopped her. “Give it to me.”

Yao Zheng refused. “Mr. Yin, I have to serve the dinner myself. It’s my duty. Please let me in.”

“His Majesty allows no outsiders in his room. Give it to me!” Yin Feng insisted.

Yao Zheng was a bit mad. “Mr. Yin, what do you mean? Am I an outsider?”

“Sorry. That’s not what I meant. Don’t take it personally.”

“You definitely meant it! I’m the chief housekeeper for the palace. It was I who breastfed His Highness when he was little. How dare you call me an outsider? Open the door now! I’ll report to His Majesty!”

Yao Zheng seemed pretty mad.

“My apologies. My duty is to guard. His Majesty said just now that no one can go inside. It’s an order. Otherwise I’ll have to shoot you!”

Yin Feng brought out the gun and pointed it at her.

“…” Yao Zheng did not dare to argue any further. Yin Feng was known for being unreasonably stubborn. She had to try a different approach. “Mr. Yin, put that down, how scary! It was my bad. I’m sorry.”

“Never mind.” Yin Feng did not care much.

“I’m just trying to say, since His Majesty has stomachache again, I would like to see how he is doing

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