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Chapter 1644: Would Miss Him

Mo Yutian had thought of giving Little Apple back to Huo Yunshen so the kid could live a better life in the palace.

But he also knew he would miss Little Apple dearly if they were to separate.

In the quiet night, Xiao Tieniu fell asleep during the fifth bedtime story.

Jing Xi was also exhausted from working the whole day and fell asleep not long after Xiao Tieniu.

Mo Yutian was waiting for the story to end so that he could discuss something with Jing Xi but realized that she had fallen asleep too.

Mo Yutian sighed as he decided to discuss it with her on another day.

Jing Xi woke up early the next day and prepared food for the father and son as usual before going to work.

“Mommy, can I go and play with Little Prince today?” Xiao Tieniu asked as he pulled his mother’s hand.

“Not today. You’ll have to wait until he heals from the surgery, okay?” Jing Xi replied.

Xiao Tieniu was a considerate kid and he nodded after hearing his mother’s explanation.

The father and son sent Jing Xi off at the door, and she went into the car that was there to pick her up.

She came to the palace early, and the king was still sleeping.

She quickly went to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast. Since Yin Feng had already ordered the guards to let Jing Xi pass if she wanted to go into the king’s chambers, Jing Xi got the food into Huo Yunshen’s room quickly.

The room was completely dark.

Jing Xi walked over to the window and pulled the curtains open.

As the sunlight shone warmly through the windows, Jing Xi could see the man still sleeping on the bed.

She scanned the room and realized it was a mess. There were sheets of data scattered all around the floor while things on the table were knocked off.

Jing Xi picked a glass vase up and put it back on the table.

Even though she had no idea what had happened, she decided to clean the room up a little.

Jing Xi did not speak or make any sound and crept out of the room.

She then came to the garden where a huge variety of flowers were blossoming. She noticed a unique type of flower among the sea of flowers, and it was the German chamomile.

She lowered herself and took a sniff of the flower before picking some up and going back to the palace. She then prepared a small bucket and a cloth before returning to the king’s chamber.

She placed the plucked chamomile in the vase and smiled before starting to clean the room.

She put the books and documents back in order before starting to wipe down every corner of the room. She worked quietly and did not even realize that the man had woken up.

Huo Yunshen could hear some movement in his room and opened his eyes. The room was brighter than usual, and he could see a woman cleaning his room.


Huo Yunshen almost called out his wife’s name but quickly stopped himself. He then noticed that a bouquet of chamomile had been placed in the empty vase

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