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Chapter 1656: Leave Together

Ge Juhua was angry and spoke without restraint.

“So what? One of them is useless trash, and the other one is just annoying!”

“Useless? Were they useless when you used them to get the money for moving here?” Jing Xi scolded. “You want them to leave? Fine! Give them back their money!”

“What money? I’d rather give my life than money!”

“You’re just plain evil! That’s it! I’m taking them with me, and we’ll leave this house!”

Jing Xi had already made her decision. There was no way she was going to leave them with her foster family.

“What? Then who’s going to work?”

“What work? I was fired! Are you happy now? I’m also a piece of trash now, an ugly one at that! Are you still going to keep me?”

Ge Juhua became afraid when she realized that Jing Xi was planning to not work or live with them.

“You… Fine! Leave if you want! I’m not stopping you!”

“Great! You will at least give us some money since I’ve earned a lot for this family, right?”

“What money? I told you I don’t have it!” Ge Juhua scolded.

“Hey! Are you just going to throw us on the street like this?”

“You’re the one who wanted to leave!’ Ge Juhua said and ran back into the house.

Jing Xi sighed and turned around. She picked Xiao Tieniu up and went back to the warehouse.

“Xiaoxi… I’m so sorry… I should’ve been stricter to Niuniu…” Mo Yutian apologized.

“Niuniu just wants to help grandma…” Xiao Tieniu sobbed.

Xiao Tieniu had taken all the recycled materials because he wanted to help Ge Juhua sell them.

But Ge Juhua noticed him doing that and thought that he was stealing them.

“It’s not your fault,” Jing Xi said as she hugged Xiao Tieniu tightly. “Don’t call her grandma anymore. She’s not your grandma.”

“Okay…” the little boy nodded.

“Are you serious about leaving?’ Mo Yutian asked.

“Yes. I’ve thought it through. I’m not going to let the two of you stay here with that vile woman anymore. Leaving here is the best choice.”

Mo Yutian was okay with going anywhere. The problem was that he had to rely on Jin Xiaoxi for money, and he felt terrible because of that.

“What if I move away with Niuniu? You can still stay here.”

Mo Yutian thought that living with him would be too harsh to Jin Xiaoxi.

“And where are you going to stay? Have you ever thought of that?” Jing Xi asked. “We are a family now, and I’m not going to abandon my family.”

Jing Xi had already decided they would leave together.

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